"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, March 03, 2006

Rested and Relaxed...

Well, hallelujah it's FRIDAY! Know how fast a work week goes, when you don't have to work 2 jobs? Pretty damn fast! I'm lovin' it!! I went home last night and said "what can I do?" rather than..."I have to do this, this, that, this and this in 2 hours". And, I got a lot done! Nice workout, some housework. Some TV. Fucking TiVo didn't record American Idol. I think it's overloaded and we were um, BUSY when it came on. Oh well it was worth missing. 2 days in a row, is a record we havn't seen in a few months! And, if I have to work tonight, I'll be ok. It's been a much needed vacation from that hell hole called the second job!

CP picked up a bunch of crap from the Library. Guess what he got me? You'll never guess, so I'll tell you, FRAGGLE ROCK!!! I squealed with excitement!! The FRAGGLES! I don't remember that much singing in it when I was younger. But awesome nonetheless. The gorgs, the trash heap, the doozers. It made me LOL. Remember the way muppets would dance? I chased my cares away, down at Fraggle Rock! Sure beat typing until my hand went numb all night!

The man came to bed at 2am again. Then he read! I said wtf are you doing? "Trying to fall asleep" He was up playing that gay game. I don't understand boys and their toys. How can a game take over your life like that? I mean, I've been sucked into games. Mainly, the Crash Bandicoot series, and The Sims. But, since it was ME, it was cool.

This wknd Bubba and her fiance are coming over to catch up on Grey's Anatomy. I've got 6 weeks of that show saved on Tivo. Plus, 2 Desperate Housewives. 8 hours sucking up her hard drive. Not to mention the 3 wks of Lost I have to always have on-hand. Cus, you gotta go back and re-watch that shit!!! She aint been right for a while, running slow and what-not. I blame it on the suckage of space. Bubba's gonna flip when she see's all that she has missed on Grey! I'm the best friend ever. I don't loan out TiVo space that often!

I went to the bank yesterday and I had an insane amount in the bank. I just got paid and paid my entire pay out, so I was confused. They fucked up. Big shocker. I should sue them for something. Getting my hopes up? Did I win the lottery? NO! Assholes.

I have PMS and I feel like a freaking lard today. Even my hair feels fat. Being a woman can suck balls sometimes. However, I did make the best shake in the universe for breakfast! Milk, Ice, Frozen strawberries, and strawberry slim fast. It was just like a McDonalds shake. Only, not as creamy. But just as yummy!!

**Update. Tayray informed me onsmoke break, that she 'heard' us doin' the deed last night. Our bedrooms are neighbors too. I said no you didn't!!!! She said she was doing the same thing. We had a good laugh, and out walks a much older co-worker from behind the dumpster who was also smoking. She said "more power to ya"....classic.

Today's Question is random from the book:

What are the best and worst letters you have received in the mail?

Letters in the mail? Oh, yes, I use to get snail mail! The best? Probably when my boyfriend Chris would write me from the army. I got a letter every day, and it always made me smile. The worst? Every fucking time I get DENIED credit for some BULLSHIT reason!

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Tayray said...

Letters? Hmmm birthday cards with cash in em are the best! The worst letter I got in the mail was the court thing returned and stamped saying insuffiecent address for ahnolde, that cock sucker!