"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

She Works Hard For The Money...

I'm alive. I have an ear infection. Go figure. 3 day antibiotics, which better not give me a yeast infection. And Allegra for allergies. We'll see how I feel in 3 days. Hopefully - better. This morning my ear is aching, and not throbbing, so there is improvement. I slept like a freaking ROCK! UGH! It was so nice!

We had a meeting at work. Since coworker left, I've kinda felt out in the dark, and all alone, and forgotten about. *sniff sniff* Feel sorry for me? Well, you should! I have seriously been forgotten about for an entire week! No one asked what I was doing. I could have done nothing and no one would have known or cared!

Then we get this letter in the mail from work. Saying that we have to cut costs. You know, things you love to hear from your employer, in the mail. At least there was no pink slip attached. It is a really scarey world out there!!

Anyhoo-the other girl I work with took on all coworkers stuff, and I'm prattling along doing my job, minding my business. Thinking...are they going to can me? Why not give ME more work? I finally found out that I will be doing more E-marketing, and website work, less copy stuff. At least there is a plan for me. I like that because I find it challenging.

I like the diversity of my job, doing those web things, plus marketing stuff too. Of course, I'll probably still get the opportunity to keep on doing that stuff, when we get busy, and help each other out. Time will tell!

CP has been really good to me, he is a good care taker. It's nice to feel loved, especially when you are SICKYPOOOOOO! He's the best. I think I'll marry him.

Kat sent me pics today from Venice, and France. It looks so cool there, I'm 100% jealous! She seems to be having a good time too! She went to Luis Vuitton, the building is amazing, and she was standing in line. Must be a hot place to shop! Oooooo la-la!

I'm too sick to think of any questions today. Shit happens. So, Instead, look at my adorable cat Fizzgig, and wish you could kiss her cute little face.


hot for jr. said...

eat yogurt, drink your smoothies with yogurt in them. That should help prevent the yucky yeast!!!
I like the pic of Fiz more than a silly question anyday!! Less thinking, more ahhhhhh!

Rachel said...

Such a cute kitty! Snuggle up with her and feel better!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
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