"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ring Ding Dong....

Doncha just love that Ice Cube and Dr Dre song? Keep they heads ringin'? Ring ding dong, dinga ding ding ding dong. Ok, enough.

DING DONGS. There are very few things in this world that I simply CANNOT resist. (although at the time of this post, it will have been 24 hours I have resisted) Ding Dongs happen to be one of them. I remember when Ding Dongs came in a box. Do they still? Are they still individually wrapped in foil? I have so long since given them up, that I don't even know.

They are in the vending machine at work. Right next to a Double Decker Oatmeal cream pie. Why anyone needs that, is beyond me. I went to get my semi-healthy mid-morning snack of peanut butter crackers. Good thing I am wise to the vending ways, and know that not much can hurt you for 50 cents. If you only take 50 cents, you can't get the evil Ding Dongs, or Oatmeal cream pies, or Pop Tarts. Just the crackers. Or, I guess, the candy bars, but they don't really tempt me.

And, because I was actually thinking about indulging, I looked up the nutritional facts. This will stop anyone from eating the fuckers! That is in 1 Ding Dong. They are smaller than a cupcake! I can have a whole bowl of sugar free ice cream, and still not get to that calorie count! Evil! Pure Evil!

Yesterday was pay everyone else day! It's a new moon! Time for spells and mischief! Just kidding! But I'm cleansing the house tonight. Never hurts! My friend K from job #2 called me and told me we didnt have to work last night!!!! I called my supervisor and it was TRUE! I had a night off! 4 extra glorious hours at home! I put laundry away, mopped the bathroom, put dishes away, swept, dusted, lifted weights! AND watched plenty of TV! This having a life shit is just what I needed yesterday. I had the shittiest outlook on life!

Hey!! Have you ever found money in your purse or pocket that you forgot about? Me either, I think that is for people who don't pay out down to their last dollar in their bank account. *sigh*

Today's Question:

What is your irresistable every day snack food?
It would have to be Combos!!! Or those flavored pretzel bits from Snyder. The ranch ones, or honey mustard!


Tayray said...

Oatmeal cream pies are the shit!!
I cant resist chips and salsa. If there is one food that this poor lady has in her apartment at all times, its chips and salsa!
And beer. AMEN!

Mon said...

Tayray I thought for sure you'd say pringles!

Anonymous said...


Celina said...

I'm not much for snacking...but I MUST have popscicles in the house! I especially like the long skinny ones in the plastic wrappers. (you know which ones I'm talking about?) *hey, that sounded kinda dirty*

Rachel said...

chocolate--something chocolate; usually double fudge milanos or ben and jerry's new york super fudge chunk. mmmm.