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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Slum Lord...

Let me start by saying, that I do not live in the slums, nor does my landlord deserve the title of 'lord' in any sense of the word.

It snowed last night. About 4 or 5 inches. It was a matter of probably 4-5 hours that this happened over. I get a call at job #2 from Tayray, warning me not to attempt to get into our driveway, cus the stupid bitch landlord didn't have the drive cleared. We live on quite a steep hill. Let's think back to Dec. 8 when I couldn't get up in my car, and my back wheel landed in the ditch, and CP and Tayray's BF had to push me out. Luckily. Another time, I went down the hill sideways thinking my life was going to end, as I crashed into someones front room. Last night, Tayray had the same problem, she went down sideways.

I called CP to see when he'd be home to help Tayray get up the hill. She ended up parking across the street at a friends house. He called me shortly after, to tell me that our neighbors girlfriend fell into the ditch I slid into, only, her entire car was in it. They tried to get it out, but in the end a tow truck had to come. Tayray called to complain last night to our skanklord. Hopefully more neighbors did. I called but she didn't answer and I wanted to talk to her.

So, I take the 25 minute drive home from job #2, and turn it into a 50 minute drive. Which is always fucking fun to do after working 14 God Damn hours! I had to go 25 the whole entire way, cus no matter which way I go, I have to contend with hills. I wouldn't want to have another near death experience. The roads were awful. All they said on the radio was 'where are the snow plows' good fucking question. This is maybe the second real snow storm we had. Um, where are the salt trucks? I am really depressed about the state of the world these days. We can't even clear the fucking roads? Since when??? We normally dig out every morning here in the winter, and it's never been this much of a problem!

CP said he would get my car up THE HILL, he got his car up. I didn't want to contend with the hill this morning, knowing what a dumb fucking bitch landlord I have, I knew it wouldn't be cleared.

So, I parked about a block away, at a church. Hoped I didn't get towed, because my landlord is a stupid fucking worthless peice of shit. Did I mention that? Hoped I didn't have a break in, cus I clearly state on my car insurance that the fucking car is in the fucking garage overnight. So, this morning instead of getting into a clean, dry, warm car in the garage-- I had to put on CP's boots, and tredge through the snow down a hill on FOOT, to my frozen car. Tug and tug on the door to get it opened.....ice. Wait for it to defrost and warm up, and drive to work. and arrive 20 minutes late, to start my whole work-filled day again today! I just love it.

On the way I placed a call to the landlord, who, didn't answer:

"Hi MICHELLE (yea, thats her real name)this is Mon I'm calling from 'my street' where I just tredged down that treacherous hill in the snow to my car, because I couldn't park in the driveway. I wondered if you were going to do anything about it. I know that last night myself and several of my neighbors could not get up or down, and here it is, the next morning AFTER the snow, and you still havn't had it cleared. I just wondered if you planned on doing anything about it, thanksssssssssss"

How fucking hard is it to pay some dillhole a hundred bucks a year, and have them clear some motherfucking driveways? Huh? I of course, read my lease which states that she isn't responsible for damage due to rain, wind or snow. Nevermind the fact that at LEAST 3 of us (there is only 4 apartments) asked shithead if she kept the snow clear in the winter, to which she responded YES. I pay a LOT of money to live there. We also all pay different rents for the SAME apartment!!! I'm going to report her to the BBB, or something, and ruin her stupid pathetic life! I work too fucking hard to have to deal with this bullshit!


Today's Question:

What's your slumbitch story?

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Tayray said...

I'm bitching about the landlady too. We pay rent for HER to take care of the driveway. I'll shovel it for cheaper rent. No questions asked! I appreciate that CP was going to drive me up the driveway last night, but Im afarid of hills to, and after I saw the neighbors car, I wasnt so sure I wanted to attempt it!