"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Glowing Review....

I had my review at job #2. It was one year January 16. One year. The lady who gave me the reveiw didn't know me and asked my friend K if she knew who I was, she was standing right next to me, and she said "she's right here, isn't she adorable?" I think that made her think I was 'special' because the entire review she would say "do you understand?" "am I going too fast?" "do you need me to slow down?" "Do you have any questions?" "do you understand?" "do you need me to repeat that?" "Do you want to ask me anything?" "Are you sure this isn't too fast?" "just tell me to slow down" "now if you need me to repeat anything you let me know"

The review itself only took maybe 10 minutes, there isn't much to it, it's data entry. It consisted of 4 categories, and 1 sheet of paper. I skipped 2 saturday meetings so I had to pick a CD to listen to about sales. You have to have like 6 hours dedicated to the cause for this place or something. I was informed by the others that I didn't need to listen to it, so I am not. I'll pretend like I learned a whole lot!

We don't get raises, basically I am eligible for the year-end bonus again. So, if I stick around til June, I can get 4-600 bucks for absolutely nothing. It's tempting. Because I also get an extra 200 for medical again. But, on days like today, I can't picture myself making it through the week!

K left her husband. It is kinda sad, but at this point she isn't upset about it. She had done it before and tried to work it out. They have a son. Her birthday was saturday and she spent it moving in with her mom. It sounds like a good thing, so I put on a happy face and told her she made the right choice. It's just sad when stuff like that happens. But, she's still young, and can start a whole new life.

Bubba lost her job. It's really sad!! She doesn't even know why, which makes it worse. Their a bunch of assholes is why. I feel so bad for her, I've been there. And it seemed that I had to lose everything, before I made it on the way back up.

I finished that book 'The Wedding'. Know who read it? Luke Duke!!!! I was in loooove with Luke Duke when I was a youngin! It made me cry! It really didn't change my thoughts in any way other than to reinforce the fact that I am a lucky girl. The things the man in this book did for his wife, to show her he still loved her, are things that CP does for me now. The best thing I heard was that a successful marriage is based on the 4 A's. Appreciation, Affection, Attention, and Acceptance. It seems so simple doesn't it?

What he does to start to show his wife that he loves her is helping her do things. Men are so dumb that this tends to escape their grasp. We feel so overwhelmed as women, working,.... and coming home and working on the house,....taking care of the man, the pets, kids if you got em! A woman's work is really never done! It's the sweetest gesture for a guy to simply take on some of those tasks. We dont see it as housework, we see it as one less thing we have to do, that you value our time. That you would like to spend time with us, so you lighten our 'load'.

I heard the best phrase ever on wife swap. "A happy wife is a happy life". I told CP I couldn't wait to get married and adopt this new philosophy. He has said something to that effect to me before, so he gets it. lol. I think it is the best phrase ever.

I started 'For Laci' last night, written by her mom, read by her mom. (Laci Peterson) It is pretty sad, I keep crying. I have PMS big time!!!! But to hear the sleaze ball things Scott did and said to the family make ya sick! Like how much he did NOT want a baby, and how much Laci DID. It's a little more personal view of everything that happened.

Today's Question:

What's your favorite motto or phrase?

I love 'we do not become what we want, we become what we believe'


Rachel said...

I live by the motto: You can have your cake and eat it too.

I try at least.

MzAriez said...

No matter how big your umbrella is, sometimes you still get wet.