"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, February 02, 2006

You Must Be My Lucky Star!...

What does Thursday mean to me? by: Me
Thursday means, I am dead tired from working all week, and people tend to tell me I look like crap which is always something you want to hear. Thursdays suck the most.

I got home last night, CP had the heat upstairs at 60. That was ok, 60 is the limit. But, it was so....HOT in there. So I checked the downstairs living room.......65. THATS SIXTY FIVE! SIX, then a FIVE!!!!!!!!!! I was so pissed! He figured out that it does stay warmer with the downstairs heat on and the upstairs down, but he had them BOTH up! Then, he had the heat in the bathroom on 50! FIFTY! IN THE BATHROOM! I NEVER have the heat on in there!!! He said again he didn't have the heat in the bathroom on. Cus, someone keeps breaking in and turning it up. I wish they'd quit!

I heard a rumor. MADONNA is going to be touring. Now, she came year before last, round the East Coast. Tickets? Oh, a mere 230 bucks a peice. Guess how hard it is to try and find someone to shell out that sort of money to see a concert! No one would go with me! She came to Pittsburgh, and New York, both acceptable distances for me to travel on a mini-vacation.

Will I miss Madonna again? No, I wont.

I'm a 30 year old independant woman. I am capeable of doing lots of things on my own, and I think that this time around, come hell or high water I'm going to see my childhood idol. I dunno if I will be alive next year! I dunno if she'll be alive next year. I can travel alone. And, I'm sure I'd run into fellow FANS at the concert. I really don't care. I'm going. It is my new goal. How the hell do I expect to be buddies with her, if we have yet to meet?

I can use the power of the internet as help. I am going to join some fan groups, and start networking. I might meet someone to go with in another city. I might find a free place to stay. Madonna fans rock! I also, might get abducted, and hacked into a billion peices, but if God loves me, this will be AFTER I get to see the concert. It's just wrong to die before fulfilling a dream.

My car.

CP is taking it today to get an estimate, and full details of the crap thats wrong with it. I think Celina's hubby said CV joints..the mechanic seems to think so too so he quoted $225 to fix that. But he said there is a few more things it could be on my car that are common. That's for the new problem, the clicking, that started after replacing the wheel bearing.

They are also going to try and pin point the original problem, that we thought was the wheel bearing. The guy said it could be as simple as the tires. It sounds like amplified road noise. No grinding. Not that the tires is any better of a problem to have, seeing how new tires cost more than most parts!!

Driving home last night, I braked like I usually do a nice easy step on the brake, and my ABS came on like as if the road were slick, then all the stupid lights came on. Scared the shit out of me that's for sure, but it still stopped, I just didn't expect that going 35mph!

So I had to make a list of what my car is doing. When the stupid lights come on, which is, whenever they feel like it, and noises it makes. I said do I have to write the noises down? Can you do mmmmmmmmm, tk tk tk tk tk, vmmmmmmmm properly?

My car is a 2001. It only has 56 thousand miles on it, I got screwed. Although, I had it for 3 years, and this is the first time ANYTHING has gone wrong with it at all. I spose I'm lucky. But I like to complain!

I had a fantastic night. CP got a lot done at home! It always puts a smile on my face to see he worked! And...he put a pretty big smile on my face in other ways but we won't get into that!

I gave him a quick kiss and took Billy Butt (my dog, Little Hill) for a walk. I decided, I miss walking! I use to walk w/Tayray every night after work. Only for 1/2 hour, but it's better than nothing! So, we'll head out again tonight. Billy got sick, so CP made her beef and rice, and she scarfed it down. I think she was starved. I locked her out of the cat food, so she'd rather starve than dare eat her own food. KIDS!

Lost being a re-run fucking sucked! We got caught up on American Idol, and the biggest loser though.

Today's Question:

Where is the dirtiest place you've ever been?

In terms of poverty-like dirty, Cancun, Mexico. Sure, the resort area is beautiful, but go a distance, and see people living in boxes, with carpets for roofs. We had to go 'downtown' to a Western Union cus we ran out of money, and it was a pretty scarey sight.


Tayray said...

I'll go see Madonna with you!
New York City was probally the most dirty. Maybe I wouldnt say dirty, but we couldnt find Times Square, couldnt find anyone that spoke English, got lost in Harlem, now that was a scary place. Washington DC was pretty bad too, there were RATS the size of a cat running around in the Whitehouse yard.

Mon said...

My momma use to live in DC she said it was dirty too!

MzAriez said...

Paris.....the river causes the automatic gag-reflex. There was filth everywhere. Many there don't wear deodorant. Reminds me of the rainforest smell at the Cleveland Zoo.