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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Black Mist and Drug Runners...

This first part is about Lost if you didnt watch, don't read til after the *********

Well, what do you say about Lost other than, it just keeps getting better? I read a while back that Mr. Eko was on that drug plane, well that person was almost right! What in theeeee hell?

I think they enjoy toying with us over there at Lost. I can't stand the suspenes! What the fuck did Walt say to his dad? You have to come.......??????? Come? It has to be something pretty big for Michael to go AWOL next week!

Why is Charlie storing all the freaking heroine? This can only mean trouble! Drugs are bad, especially on an island with no birth control mkay?

And, the black mist? That is what I call a freaking COP OUT! Black mist can 'be' anything. One day it'll have a name, or a form. If you are talking metaphysics, it can be the spirit of anything, or many things. I saved it so I could watch it over and over. You know how they fuck with your mind! So, I found pics of what is in the black mist online. Right here. So, obviously it shows you things from your past. Eko wasn't afraid, meaning, he must be ok w/his past. The people who freak out must not be at peace with their past. It can probably take on any form too, like the horse, and Jack's dad.

Let's not forget, Locke wasn't afraid of this monster either. They have more in common than is let on. And, I really think it is some sort of social experiment. They put these people there, tell them not to leave, push that button, and dont use the computer for anything but entering the numbers in. And, they have done that....for, how long? Years?! Maybe a test to see how long people will listen? I havn't had time to get on the msg boards. Our internet isn't up at home. But I bet there are lots of good theories out there!

Keep watching, it rocks!!!
Guess what I found? A warranty. Apparently I bought a warranty for my car. I have no idea what it is for, but it says 5 years....I have to call and see what the dilly is on that. I remember saying I didn't want a warranty though. We'll see. It might be on a theft system. But the only theft system I have is theft lock....which isn't much of a system if you ask me.

CP priced the part (wheel bearing) at $109 and the torque wrench was a $100 deposit, but a guy I work with just brought one in for me!!!! awesome!!! So, either way it'll be pretty affordable. My fiance is a smart cookie. He is going to try to fix it, he got the maintenance book from the library. He's just what I always wanted wrapped up into a little bundle of cuteness for me! He made us yummy hamburger helper for dinner too. I left him a long list of things to do today cus yesterday he didn't do anything. Structure.

I'm not too jazzed about my hair. I am letting it grow and I don't like it, so I think I'm getting it cut short again next time. Ugh! Angie is excited to do my hair for my wedding. I told her I was letting it grow so we could do more with it, and she said it's a good idea. Well, her and CP aint sporting the 'do ohh k?

Tomorrow is pay day(s) rejoice, and be happy, for I will have money to pay bills!

Today's Question:

Did you watch Lost? And tell me what you think, cus I can't get on the msg boards and I hate it!

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bethie said...

nope i did not watch lost..i am of no help