"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Potty Mouth....

Ever find yourself in this situation?

You're at work, and you have to take a shit. Everyone does it, don't pretend to be grossed out, cus it's freaking nature.....You sneak in, because no one likes to get 'caught' during their dump. And your mid-crap, and someone walks in......

What do you do? I stop instantly. Then, personally, I look to see if I recognize the persons feet. If so, and they are a friend, I sigh and let it go while saying "thank GOD it's you I really have to shit".

Don't you all wish you could be my friend?

It never occurred to me that it was odd until today, when a friend didn't come into the shitter, and I had to go. I thought, God I wish it were someone I know....and then I thought....why?

Why do my friends get the honor of hearing me shit vs. strangers? Sorry bout all yer luck! I've been torturing you all for years!

Today I am not proud to announce that after being so tired I've fallen asleep at work 2 nights in a row, that I was up until 3:30, and up at 7:30 today, to put in another 14 hour day. The only hope I have in this situation is that we can leave early tonight. It was slow last night and the people coming in at 8 got to leave if they wanted. Say a prayer for me. My head will thank you. I feel hung over, without the fun memories of the drinking first. I got some mini thins. Caffine pills. I'm hoping they kick into full gear here, any minute now.

I have not gotten 1 thing done at home this week. My house is a wreck. I'm tired of it. I can't wait to get my freaking hair done this wknd. My roots are over an inch long, I look so ghetto! My hair won't fix at all it is just there.

So far so good being back on the wagon. I'm even going back to the gym on Sat. I have paid for the freaking place out of every check, and havn't gone in months, well cus of work, but I can at least go on Saturdays!

Tayray pointed out next Friday is the 13th. Nothing bad can happen, cuz I get paid from both jobs. Plus, I'm suppose to get my medical $ from not getting the insurance. If this happens, I will be 'ok' in the money dept. I wont be 'good' til CP is 'good'. But I'm getting there.

I started the final countdown. 86 days until I quit Job #2. This breaks down into 62 WORKING days which I like much better. I can see an end in sight! Don't let me change my date when the 62 days are up. I'm scared shitless to quit as it is, but I cannot function like this much longer.

Newsflash, Lindsey Lohan admitted to battling bulemia. Huh, you don't say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never would have guessed it! Maybe the rest of hollywood will admit to it now!

I cried this morning for those miner families. Not cus I think its fucked up word leaked they survived and they found out they were dead, the media is blowing that one out of proportion, but just cus they said they left letters for their families. How depressing. It reminded me of the PA miner movie. What would you say? Ugh, depressing!

I have to go to the dentist this year. It's been *euw* 12 years. Being terrified will do that to you. But there comes a time when you can put things off no more. I'm on the lookout for one who will knock my ass out, so I'm not choking on my tears of fright. Even then, it'll be a while before I actually call, and then actually get there. Then, good luck getting me to go back once they decide what they will do to me. But, baby steps!

Today's Question:

Who had the most enviable parents among your friends?

I am gonna say that everyone was jealous of my mom cus she's a 'cool' mom w/o being the millenium 'cool mom'. You know, like, she didn't buy us beer, and throw us sex parties like Moms today do, but shes fun to hang out with. I felt comfortable enough to tell her anything. And...I dont know anyone else's mom who got peeped in the middle of the night! ha ha ha!


hot for jr. said...

I'm sorry Mon, but I don't feel sorry for you because you're tired. It's your own fault you stay up all night because you're a HORN DOG!!!! You want some good sex, you pay the price!
I'd have to agree our mom is probably the coolest!

Mon said...

hey, you should pity me regardless! Tired is tired is tired!

Celina said...

Going to the dentist?! Don't read my post today, then!! I have no fear of the dentist, but R is a big baby when it comes to his appointment! He "almost" passes out each time!! Ha Ha! 62 days to partial freedom? Good for you! Maybe you should go to grad school? The hours are terrific!


There are such things as dentists who understand your fears. They are not as bad as they were in the old days. They no longer sit on your chest with plyers yanking teeth out. The biggest fear is you are under their control and cannot get out of the chair til they are done with you. For this I recommend my all time fav... xanax. Deep relaxing breathing helps also. Have someone drive you, hand the dentist a list of instructions and get in the zone. Nice clean teeth, no pain, and sweet dreams.