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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Why Do Today...

This is just a post of pics that I have been procrastinating getting on the computer. I went to target w/CP and Kat today. I bought myself Hello Kitty knobs for the bathroom w/my gift card from Bubba. I also got a big rubbermaid thingy for the new tree. I got all the ornaments wrapped and packed. CP came in at the tail end to help....at least he helped me. I made some bitchin' quesidilla's on the george foreman. CP is working and I miss him a ton. I saw him an hour ago. I'm pathetic, and I know this. So what.

This is my new fogger that I love.

This is my new fogger in the dark.

This is CP's shot card finished up. The ones not hilighted are the ones we did on my birthday

This is a close up of the card to read some of the names. Yummyyyy!

This is me and Kat. CP is picking my nose, and she is picking my eye. Can ya feel the love?

Kat, Me, Bethie, Tayray. The girls at my big 3-0 Celebration. We're all 30 minus Tayray, and we are all awesome!

When you are old like us sometimes you have to take a break, and play the lotto.

This is Tayray on New Year's being disgusted that CP was eating nuts. The kind that come in a shell btw.


mommamule said...

And you wonder where your money goes? Booze, foggers, and lottery tickets. No wonder people have to pick your nose for you, you can't afford kleenex. Good pics BTW.

hot for jr. said...

Looks like you guys know how to have fun!!!
I might have to copy you and get one of those there fogger things!

KAT: You look so grown up! I like the blonde hair, it's been awhile since I've seen you, or a picture. You look good!


Mon said...

Hey, that was a xmas gift! (fogger!)