"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Alive..Sorta...

I've been sick. Some disgusting germs have infected me. I havn't left the house since Friday, and it is now Tuesday. I've been in my PJ's sleeping. Watching TV, and well mostly sleeping. I think if I slept for days I'd still be tired.

So, this morning I'm feeling a little better, and I decide to try to do my taxes. Which I think set me back a few days. According to the IRS I didn't pay enough taxes, even though, I claim myself at one job, and claim 0 at the other. Apparently, 4 grand wasn't enough for those assholes, and I owe them $400! Now, seeing how math is not my forte, and I never do my own taxes, we're going to have a glimmer of hope that I fucked something up, and a liscensed tax professional can figure out a way to fuck the government how they fucked me! But, the tax table was what said I owed money.

BULLLLLLSHIT! Which brings me to my favorite thing to bitch about. How single, childless people get fucked all the time in every aspect of the world. If I had kids, that put a burdon on society, used the tax dollars to feed and clothe them, I'd get more money back on my taxes. But, since I am a responsible citizen of the world, and choose to take care of me and my pets, I have to pay taxes. I say, great for married people who get money back. But, why is it that those who have two full time incomes, deserve money more than someone such as myself, who has no one to depend on for their bills? Someone, who has to work like a fucking dog, to support herself? I mean, isn't that the American way? Work for what you have? I dunno, cus I'm thinking I should get knocked up and pop out a few kids so I can have a fucking vacation from work!

I hate the government. I hate that I am now going to be arrested one day for not filing my taxes cus there is no way I'm filing taxes I have to pay for, when I have no money to pay them, or anyone else!

So...I have to keep the second job, save up enough to pay my taxes, pay off a credit card, and save for a wedding, so pretty much I'll be working another year. At the end of which, I will then again owe money, cus my reward for working 2 jobs, is, paying the government more moneyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I only made a whopping 9 grand at my second job. Like, I'm that freaking rich? What happened to the rich getting the breaks then? I'm still considered poverty if you want to be technical. I'm not even middle class! Ah, they can fuck off!!!!!!!!!

Today's Question:

How much do you love the way you get screwed on your taxes?


Tayray said...

YOUR ALIVE, YOUR ALIVE!!! Hey, your sickly germs are escaping thru your apartment and running to mine! Take em back, I dont want them!! I'd like to say you screwed something up and you wont have to pay them!!

hot for jr. said...

I had to email poor tayray yesterday to find out what was going on with you!! our momma hadn't turned on her cell phone so she didn't know you left a message about being sick!!
One year I had to pay like $400 and to this day I don't understand. I am a single person that was living alone working 1 one job and not making all that much - you gotta love the govn't!?!?

MzAriez said...

I am frustrated with taxes too and I am a parent of two. I don't understand why they take so much away and then give it back to you once a year as EIC. I really need the money on payday not once a year.

I remember when I had to spend my entire income on medical bills for my son. Nothing left for food, rent, or anything. Talk about making a dollar stretch.

I know I chose to have them, but I did it under the belief that my husband would be there to help raise them with me. If someone could tell me child support is actually real and does exist somewhere out there in the world, I'd get off my horse one day. lol.

Mon, I hope you feel better and that the tax guy finds many deductions for you. If I ever won big on the powerball, I'd pay for your wedding. LOL.

Take care.

Mon said...

ahhhh thank you! I'd love to win the lotto! Dream big!!!