"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox....

Ever hear that song?

Prop me up beside the jukebox, if I die...I wanna go to heaven but I don't wanna go tonight..fill my boots up with sand, put a stiff drink in my hand....

I just heard about a lady who didn't want to be buried, so she wanted to be left at home in front of the TV with the AC on. She was there for 2 years before anyone found her. Firstly, who doesn't hear from someone in 2 years? Secondly, they didn't mention if the TV was on. I'd want the TV to be on! hint.....hint....

(I can hear Bethie now....is that counnnntry??? yes, but it's from back when country was cool, you know, cus it use to be, not long ago, cool......ugh, it was a phase bout 7 yrs ago!)

What's new with me? Well, CP fractured a rib. This sucks for several reasons. He is in pain for one, and now he got layed off. The Dr. only restricted him for 2 wks not lifting over 20lbs. Now, he is off work making a fraction of his pay for at LEAST 4 weeks. Which if you read last week you know, we're already in financial turmoil! Oh, yes, this also means I won't be quitting my job in March, cus you know that thing they call hope? I have none right now!

Why else does this suck???...mmm Oh yea, wait, I work two jobs! So, while I am working all day he gets to be home. Even bigger fucking rip off! So, he's going to be a househusband. Day 1 he did pretty good. He took down the tree, and moved the ornament boxes back to the garage! Dusted, and made dinner. Cleaned the dishes he used, big score for him, and took the trash down. I'm pretty proud of him, I hope it keeps up, cus it was really nice to come home and have shit done! I had a rough night, my entire body hurts I think I'm getting sick. Why would that be? Oh...probably because it's been in the high 40's low 50's and its January......in OHIO for God's sake! No one likes the cold, but this shit is just delaying the inevitable. If it doesn't snow now, it'll still be snowing in May!

I slept like a baby! CP put my ass to sleep the right way!!!! I only woke up once during the night (which is good for me) and I slept til 7:50. What time does work start you ask? Oh, 7:45. Needless to say I was late.

And the girl I sit with at work now at job 2 started her womanly cycle a week early, and mines 3 wks late. We blame each other, you know, that whole syncing up thing. So, I should be starting very soon! We got a new job too! Sterling, pretty much if you moved, I am helping the jewelry companies find you muh ah ah ah ah. I made pretty good money for the first night on it! It's fun to learn something new!

We have 189 movies!!! I love it!!!! This does not include VHS which I have triple that in VHS. Some day CP said he'll copy them to DVD for me. Oh oh, now is the prime time for such a project if you ask me!

And, Kat already HAS that thing that she burns DVD from TiVo! I am always the last to have anything innovative! What's up with that?

The price of stamps went up. I wonder if I get a break in not paying my bills since, I have no time to get to the post office to buy new stamps, and my stupid ass car payment can't be paid online? Does the post office think raising the price of stamps is really going to help them out? I think it will make more people pay bills online! They can kiss my fucking ass with that 2 cent stamp shit! I just bought stamps, and I did not even use one yet!
Today's Question (might be morbid)

Any final wishes when you die?

I'd love to be turned into diamonds. 7 small ones, so each of my animals can have a diamond earring. Kidding....I want to be buried with all my parts. I appreciate that whole organ donor thing, and I'm thankful some people do it, in case I need a kidney or something, but I'm taking it all with me when I die. I'm selfish like that. MINE!


Tayray said...

I want to stay around here as a spirit or ghost or something, just for awhile and play tricks on my friends! ha ha ha

hot for jr. said...

tayray - You and Anna could team up and scare the whole barn!!