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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Art of Sleeping At Work...

Hump Day! Getchyer hump on today! Last night CP went to the library for me and brought me some books on CD to work cus the library's been closed when I have been off. He's the sweetest ever! I'm listening to 'The Dating Game' by Danielle Steel. Men are pigs! Cheating ass sonsobitches! I'm reading Forever Odd at home in my spare time.

I fell asleep probably 5 times at work last night. I got that scared feeling you get when you nod off. Only, I don't remember my head falling, or my hand stopping typing. Just that feeling like....SHIT! did anyone see me? How long was I out? Was I snoring? We sit at long tables so if I looked dumb people would see me! I had to get up every hour and go outside to try to wake up. But wait, its HOT outside! Hot meaning in the 40's, but it's January in Ohio. Bring on the freaking cold already. This only means it'll be freezing in June now. Oh, I wanna not work anymore. I drank 2 mountain dew's, that didnt work, but basically rotted my stomach and gave me gas and indigestion. Ugh!

Back when I worked 2 jobs in 1999, I had to sleep in my car here at work. That was when I closed at the bell, and had to be in here at 7:45. I was hopped up on mini thins most of my days. But I took every chance I could to sleep at work. Breaks, lunches. Hey, come get me in about 45 minutes!

When I worked at the bank, we would sleep in the bathroom on breaks. There was this big dirty couch in there, and roaches. But we slept in there.

Ever see that episode of Seinfeld, when George makes a nice set up under the desk at work with an alarm clock and hides? I could totally get away with that at my desk. Now that I got the wheels turning.......hmmmmmm....When you are tired, you have to sleep! Now that I'm older, I have no time for such napping nonsense! But I miss it!

I have another meeting today at 1:30. With the boss so I can't fall asleep. Yesterday I had meetings from 1-4. You know, that basically what we go over in each meeting, is how we have no time to complete jobs, and we are behind. So, logically, you have meetings to take you away from your job even more. One was all about some pretty big changes our marketing department (thats me) is going through. Our boss seems pretty excited. I fear change, so I am not. Supposedly we'll be more in demand, and it's a positive thing. More on this subject another time. I know you are dying to know....but you have to wait.

Fozzle. Fog and drizzle. Does it fozzle at your house? That has to be the gayest thing I've ever heard!

Kissing. This was the topic on the radio this morning. Everyone likes something different, and what it comes down to is chemistry. I prefer not to be slobered on with fish lips, personally. I like soft but firm kissing, touching anywhere is good, especially on the back of the head. CP has it all down pat for me. It's lovely! I could kiss him forever and never be tired of it. I just melt. I've avoided kissing most of my exes because it was not that great. And usually, it's been my experience, that if a guy sucks at kissing your lips he's gonna suck at kissing other things *ahem* thankyouverymuch!

I pick 'Since You Been Gone' by Kelly Clarkson.... as my song for the year 2005. As, it brings back memories of singing in the car on the way to work nights w/Tayray and Bubba, and screaming it in the club, and...the version Bubba sings is classic. Good times, good times.

Today's Question:

What makes a good kiss?


Tayray said...

Dont slober all over my face, dont bite my face, soft and sweet, and i have come to find out that its nice when they touch the side of your face.

bethie said...

a good kiss is one that doesn't feel like sandpaper on your face..lol and of course tongue action but not slober

Mon said...

Oh yea, I forgot about the sandpaper, that is also important, no one wants a love bump! LOL!

anup.777 said...

I guess that's why my office don't even have no cubicles... just rows and rows of people working on their PCs, with just a cabinet to call their own... :) How can I grab some siesta here? LOL!

hot for jr. said...

I have found recently as well that when they touch your cheek, hold your face, or the back of your head while kissing you makes it feel so special and more intimate.

mammamule said...

Pissing....well I have found that if they don't do it all over the seat, it doesn't matter how they do it. HUH? oh..KISSING.. ummmmmmm..A clean mouth is always good, brusha brusha brusha. And I don't like to see a mouth coming at me with a tongue hanging out looking like something from a sci-fi movie..

MzAriez said...
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MzAriez said...

A good kiss for me would have to be something that compliments my own style. You know if it does immediately.

Kissing that leaves you feeling abused in some way is ewwww....can I get a towel?

BTW, thanks Mon for your wonderful compliments. You really made my day.

One time, when I was making the 18 hour drive back to Northeastern Ohio, I could not stay awake. I stopped by McDonald's and got a large coffee. I hate coffee and drinking it was gross. But I was wide awake for hours.

Mon said...

Anup: In your case, you might have to opt for the bathroom, or a break room for some sleep. If all else fails, you can perfect sleeping with your eyes open.
jr it is more intimate that way it doeeeeeeees something lol!
momma your such a card!
mzariezOhio is a boring drive I would say not as boring as Virginia, cus at least we have deer to watch out for. I've been orally assaulted! What are those guys thinking? I meant what I said, glad to make ya smile!

Celina said...

My Dear Husband is the BEST KISSER. And, believe me, I can say that with experience! How is Forever Odd? I just hate spending so much $$ on hardbacks...but then I also hate waiting around for months for them to come out in paperback! Have you read the Frankenstein series (parts 1 & 2, part 3 isn't out yet)?? They're good, but aggravating...waiting...for the next one!

Mon said...

Ceilna: Forever Odd is really good!! I'm impatient, and I can't wait for paperback. YES YES I love the frankenstein series! I think I am going to wait to read 3 until 4 is out, because I can't stand waiting to find out what happens!!!!!

Mon said...

P.S. Dean Koontz is my absolute favorite author!!!!