"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, January 23, 2006

Follow My Nose..It Always Knows...

So as usual my weekend flew by. Saturday me and CP went shopping. I bought some new plants at Target cus they were on clearance. All my houseplants died when I moved. It's pretty depressing how you put all that time and effort into something only for it to go belly up. Hopefully these guys live.

We made the long trip to Tayray's house Saturday night to play cards with her and her gentlemen friend. Me and CP didn't win, but we kicked freakin' ass at one game! We got our drinkon. It's been forever! There were good tunes on the radio, and the funniest thing was the boys singing some silly love song while we laughed at them. Since we were drinking, I don't even remember wtf it was. Shit, even Rocky Road was drinking. He nursed his beer like a baby bottle, it was pretty cute.

We had a conversation, about the difference between fucking, and making love. It was interesting. Clearly there is a difference, and it's all about feelings. CP was tipsy, which is a rarity, and pretty entertaining. Except all at once he was out of comission, and passed out after we walked all the way home.

Sunday CP worked on my car. Nothing like watching a man do menswork to get me going lol. I dunno what it is but it's hot to me. I love that he spent time figuring out how to do the job, he's smart! I think I'll keep him! He spent the day in the garage, and I re-arranged our bedroom. I wanted to copy of Tayray's setup. That's the good thing about neighbors, I didn't have to figure it out, she did it already, and I copied. Although, I do have more bedroom furniture, so I ended up putting my dresser in the closet. I couldn't sleep last night cus of the new set up, I dunno if I'll like it. Less clutter though.

So, CP had to end up getting all kinds of parts and tools to do my car. Lots of trips to the auto store. It was expensive, we got the tool rental money back though. The shitty thing is, he replaced my wheel bearing, and my car is still making that fucking noise! He said, it could just be my freaking tires being worn unevenly, that they should be rotated every oil change. Uhhh....huh huh. Too bad I've never heard such a thing, and I have never rotated them in 2 1/2 years. So, since it's cheap, I'm doing that today. We'll see. Of course, as with most things when you fix something something else goes wrong. Now, it's knocking when I turn corners, so I suspect my tie rods are going. But, obviously I've been wrong before.

We finished and started to relax about 7. It was a long day. I'm whooped today! I started my 6 day thing again. It's been a while! I love my George Foreman though, the chicken I made is pretty damn good! Last time I did it I can't say the same! You can't use anything good like, seasoning or salt so Mrs. Dash is it. (no salt) It's good on the foreman! mmmmm! I am about to fall asleep, and I'm super busy at work I have a ton of shit to catch up on, and in other words in my dept that means I'm primed for more work so I'm swamped again. Yea.

I got some new books for work tonight. I got 2 by the guy who wrote the notebook. I'm hoping they are good. One's about Noah and Ally's kids, or grandkids......ahhhhhhh.

On Robot Chicken, they did a skit on with all the old school cereal icons. It made me want cereal. Really. Bad. And, brought back memories! They made the coolest commercials back then! Tucan Sam...Cap'n Crunch, Tony the Tiger, The Trix rabbit, Cocoa Puffs, the honey nut cheerios bee, I mean, who can name me a cereal phrase from a current cereal? I miss old school stuff.

Speaking of old school, I watched OLD SCHOOL Degrassi High this wknd. You know, the real Canadian version from back in the day!!!!!!!!! There was a marathon on.

Today's Question:

What was your favorite cereal icon?

I hated the trix rabbit cus he was always getting busted! But I liked toucan sam!


Tayray said...

I totally forgot all about the boys singing that gay song!!

bethie said...

I always liked the leprechaun in lucky charms. It must be the irish in me.

Celina said...

Hey! My hubby, the "mechanical genius," says it sounds like CV joints. But, unless cp is a very skilled mechanic, this is better left to professionals! I watched him fix them on his mom's car & it took all day, a few special tools, and a LOT of elbow grease!

Mon said...

Celina: It very well can be the CV joints, I think that is on the list of things that go wrong with my car. Greaaaat!