"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, January 30, 2006

Another Week Begins!....

I swear I really am allergic to work. I sat down and not 2 minutes later I sneezed twice and my nose is stuffed up one second, running the next. I should get some sort of compensation for this. I'm exhausted. What a great way to start the week! In order to cut down on my weekly tired-ness I opted to sleep til 11 yesterday, and have a 2 hour nap, and bed at midnight. (my normal time)

We took a walk Saturday, and I cleaned the garage and laundry room. I got all the Xmas stuff neatly put away, and cleaned all the car crap off my garage floor. Sunday I cleaned the rabbits house, washed all their carpets. Spent a ton of time with them. Chelsea loves when I clean their space, she gives a billion kisses. She's my snugglebunny!

Extreme Makeover was awesome yesterday! People who share my dream! I was so jealous of all the space they got to save more animals. I wish! I laughed at the guy who tried to pick up the bunny and got charged! Some bunnies don't like to be harassed the way he was harassing him! That's what he got! People don't expect that from a bunny! I loved seeing another woman on TV call herself "momma" and say "momma's hoooooooooooooooome" to all the animals! I'm not the only person with sense in the world!

Watched some movies, I was unimpressed with Wedding Crashers, and I like Vince Vaughn. I think it was more of a guy movie, cus of all the 'fear of commitment' and player shit in it. I thought it was OK and that's it. The Devil's Rejects was actually decent. I actually had to look away a couple times, thats rare for me.

Window shopped at the bridal shop. They had the prettiest bridesmaids dresses. They were I'd say, light brown, or chocolate brown and gold, or champagne and I loved the styles. So, being a woman I thought about what flowers would look nice with those, and I decided that my favorite flower, sunflowers, would be perfect, and everything would be perfect for a fall wedding. It's the first time I even consindered not having a 'color'. It's too hard to match colors as it is, but with those, it would be much easier. And, I'd love to have the colors of fall. But then again everyone gets married in the fall. I just want it to be what I want. I'm a woman!

But, I'll never afford it, not when I owe the fucking government, and the fucking CITY I live in, which isn't a CITY but charges taxes like a CITY does!!!!!!!!! I have to pay the city where I work, AND the city where I live. This is the first time EVER I've had to do BOTH! ASSHOLES! This entire year of taxes sucks!

I got a rootbeer candle from Yankee. It made us crave rootbeer. We had rootbeer floats. Is there a more delicious invention? I think not!

Another month is down the tubes. I feel like this entire last year has passed me by!

Today's Question:

What is the most annoying habit your mate has?

I'll pick flooding the bathroom


Tayray said...

I live alone! No one to annoy me, but myself!

hot for jr. said...

I guess I better start losing weight NOW!! The dresses you picked out are pretty, but will show every roll, bump, and imperfection. YIKES!! I get to pick out a special, different dress don't I?? How about a burlap sack?? that will match your color choice!!

MzAriez said...

My two roommates annoy me when I clean late at night and the next morning they have destroyed my pretty space. I look forward to sending them to college. It will be worth every penny.

Rachel said...

Bunnies are the best comfort. Especially bunny kisses.

Time does fly. Take a deep breath. Do some Yoga. I should follow my own advice. ;)

I hate taxes. 'Nough said.

Most annoying habit about my mate...hmmm. I only get to pick one?
Lately, he's been leaving bits of trash around the garbage can instead of putting it IN the garbage can. That's ridiculous. And I've told him about literally a hundred times. That's pretty annoying. Besides the fact that he can sit and watch tv when the house is a mess and wait for me to clean it up.