"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Funny Farm....

Firstly, it's Thursday so I must go on about Lost. If you didn't watch go to the ******

Holey Mackeral! The others are Creeeee-py individuals! I still don't think the others they met, are the 'real' others. The ones that came and took the kids were more savage like. Of course, we didn't see all of them. But I think those that they talked to, from the boat, are part of the experiment in the beginning. How he said that you shouldn't open doors that shouldn't be open. And Walt said don't open the hatch, don't push the button....now they have Walt and think he is a real smart boy! They also called to "Alex". Remember, Alex is the french ladies daughter, that 'the others' came and took.

I almost stopped loving Jack when it looked like he cheated on his wife. But turns out, his wife was the skank muffin this time, and had an affair! Poor Jack! Now, Kate that skank likes Sawyer? Sawyer? If Jack hooks up w/Ana, I won't be able to stand it! But I love that he wants to wage a war against the others! Lord of the flies muh ah ah ah!!!!

How cute is Hurley? Trying to hook up! I love it! True, if you ever had a chance, it would be on a deserted island!

I think Lost is only the best show ever, and I havn't had this much fun with a show, since they killed half the cast on Days of our Lives!!!!!!

Time to play catch-up. This past wknd. I didn't do much. Friday, Bubba came over to hang out. CP went to his brothers to give us some 'girl time'. We caught up with each other's lives over beer's. Ahhhhhhhh. Beer was good! We miss the good Ol' days of yesteryear. Woke up Saturday feeling like crapola! I'm still expelling bloody chunks from my nose, but, I do feel better.

We didn't go to the party Sat. night. We went to Giant Eagle for a few things, but other than that I hadn't left the house. I slept, woke up, and slept some more!

CP is off work you know, laid off. We had far too much togetherness. All he wanted to do was play his video game, and it annoyed me. We have a big TV downstairs, a couch, coffee table, VCR. I encourage him to play down there, but he wont. It pisses me off, so I keep going down there to watch videos. It's wasted space, and it's nice to have another room to get away to.

Anyhoo, I watched Clay Pigeons. I hadn't watched that in years. I can only watch VHS down there, til I get another DVD player, which is on my list of things to do btw. That's good movie making! They don't have original ideas like that anymore, and I change my favorite Vince Vaugh performance from Swingers, to Clay Pigeons. He does an excellent psychopath! (and it doesn't hurt one bit that he is easy on the eyes)

American Idol started. I'd be more happy if my fiance hadn't mentioned the past 4 years he watched it with his ex, and it would bring back memories. It's a good thing I realize no one is as cool as me, or I might be offended. And, I spose I had it coming, considering the comment I made about a sex act on Grey's Anatomy once. What goes around comes around, they DO say!

Now, the shit I deal with at my second job...I dunno if I mentioned that crazy cane guy had a seizure last week at work, and was screaming a woman's name over and over. A woman who doesn't work there, but it is rumored she was his girlfriend.

A little back story....he was really into prison a while back, talked all the time about people who are in jail, including Martha Stewart, and talked about writing letters to prisoners. Whether it was a dream, or he really did it, is another story. He would ask our supervisor questions about jail too.

This guy is a lunatic, so either he turned crazy after his relationship, or this chick he still loves is crazy too. Anyways - he wears hundreds of colored strings on his pants. Just scraggly colored strings attached to a belt loop, kind of like a tassel, only really generic. It really looks like torn pants, or a torn belt, but, it's on every pair of pants. So - tourettes guy said that if you look closely, underneath that tassel on his pants is a womans name on a little sign, the same one he was screaming, and that there are strings and rubberbands in the urinals all the time from his little get-up. That he is re-doing the strings all the time in the shitter. It's true. It's there. I think it is some kind of voo-doo ritual!

There is a bunch of new people at work. New 'special' people. I talked to my friend about them and she said she felt bad, I said it isn't them, it's the situation. For instance there is a new hump backed guy there, he makes copies. We sit on the way to the copier. He stares at her on the way up, and the way back, and sometimes when he passes her, he will stop and turn around to look at her again. It righfully scares her. The people that work there, are like criminals, only they aren't convicted, cus their 'mental'. So they go into these special programs. Which, makes for a pleasant working environment! Not all of them are crazy, some are just legitimately slow, and harmless. Never a dull moment.

It really makes me stop and wonder...why exactly I got hired? It's enough to drive you crazy if you aren't already!

CP is gonna look at my taxes today, cus, did I mention I got fucked on my taxes? Oh, cus, I'll mention that until I get tired of bitching, which will be about NEVER!

Remember this song? (on right now) it totally reminds me of my school days. And, makes me feel old. I think it might have been a song for one of our dances.
Try to listen to it at this link. You'll thank me. Unless it brings back sad memories.

When I'm with You/Sheriff. =
I never needed love
like I need you
And I never lived for nobody,
but I live for you
Oooh, babe, lost in love is what I feel
when I'm with you

Maybe it's the way you touch me with the warmth of a sun
Maybe it's the way you smile, I come all undone
Oooh, babe, lost in love is that I feel when I'm with you
Baby, oh I get chills when I'm with you
Baby, my world stands still when I'm with you
When I'm with you

I never cared for nobody like I care for you
And I never wanted to share the things I want to share with you
Oooh, babe, lost in love is what I feel when I'm with you
Baby, oh I get chills when I'm with you

Today's Question:

What makes work fun for you?


Tayray said...

Working with my friends makes it fun, but I cant stress how much I really hate this job.

Anonymous said...

What makes work fun for me is that I don't work!! Ha Ha!! I have never had so much fun in my life!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys.. check this link out. You know that game I play? WoW? well this is a song some nerds made: