"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm The Best Mom EVER!...

So, I rarely check my yahoo email account, that I sign up for things at, cus, it's mostly crap.
I joined Catster in December. Man, my cats are so popular! I have a slew of friend requests for each cat! Messages saying how pretty they are, which, duh....I KNOW!

You can see all my cats by looking up my Fizzigg. She has a diary there, and she was selected in December for diary of the day. She is an aspiring writer, and spokescat for the family.
Tai Ming has a new friend, who also likes to eat her food high up and away from the other cats. This kitty is also a siamese blend!

Fozzie, was called 'Foxy Fozzie' (I think she has a gentleman friend)

Popularity is a direct reflection of how a cat is raised. If I weren't such an outstanding role model, they wouldn't be well liked. What can I say? So, you can go visit my babies if you love furry cuteness (cus my cats are undeniably the cutest on earth) and see all their cute friends!!!! Be sure to leave them some treats!!!

Enough about my perfect children!

Work was a hoot last night. For some reason the 'special folks' were acting up. They all seemed to have bad nights with the copier. Cussing, turning red, crying, talking to it. It was classic. Then cane guy who plays the same song all the time (some golden oldie that repeats 'im telling you now....') was in the atrium blasting it more than usual cus we all heard it inside the office. A supervisor had to go tell him to quiet down. He's the one that just freaked out, and the one who wears strings on his pants. All you can do is laugh. The new strange 'special' guy, that stares at my friend K, asked her if she needed help to her car last night when we left. He is a little creepy, she said no. He also tried to get into another girls car the day before.

There is a new girl there that I went to school with. I don't think she knows me, we were in different grades, and I am well disguised under loads of fat. She is on probation, after release from prison for being involved with a meth lab. Last week, she was at another house that got busted. She tells us this on break. She has 3 kids that her mom has custody of. She said it's a matter of time before she goes back to jail. I hope they come get her at work, I love drama!

I paid for K's gas on break. She only had $2.20 in change and was embaressed to pay for it, like I care, I did it for her. I said it'll be my good deed for the day.

I got my $200 bonus for my medical insurance. They included it in my taxable wages so I really only got an extra $90 on my check. Fucking asshole government. I wonder what would happen if I just forgot to file my taxes this year? Usually I get my money back in February, I file asap. I am now wondering how close to April I can make my tax appointment. BASTARDS!

Today's Question:

Do you have a favorite pet?

It's no suprise that Fizzgig is my favorite cat, a.k.a 'my precious'. But then, Chelsea is my favorite bunny, and Little Hill is my Favorite doggie. I love them all but seriously its gigabyte! I swear she understands me when I speak to her. I don't want to think about what will happen when she leaves this world. I'll be devestated!


hot for jr. said...

My favorite pet, don't tell Miss Ashley, was Tigger!! He and I spent a couple years living by ourselves in Charleston, and he was a very special kitty! Of the 2 pets I have now, Miss A is my favorite - Mr P, well, he pees on everything. While he's adorable and sweet, he isn't the fav!
Your Fizz is very special, but your Mr P is his aunties favorite!!

Mon said...

Jr: My Mr P is adorable but no one ever gets to see his cuteness! Ashley is Aunties fave too. She probably misses me a ton since you wouldn't let me bring her home!

hot for jr. said...

Actually, Ashley did confide in me the other night that she missed her Aunt M! I'll trade you for a week, my Ashley for your Mr P!!

Rachel said...

I always say Taz is the favorite b/c he was my first. I've had him since he was 4 weeks old and he's 6 and a half now. He's the most affectionate and licks more than any bunny I know. However, Babs is my baby girl and lets me hold her. She lays against my chest and tucks her chin up under my chin and listens to my heart beat while I pet her. It's the most soothing thing in the world. And Oscar purrs nonstop and closes his eyes when I stroke his ears.