"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Doncha Love Being Informed?...

Happy 30th to my good friend Katie.
Welcome to the club.
It just keeps getting better!!!!!!

So, I caught up on all my Oprah episodes. First off. Who the fuck cares about James Frey's book controversy..A Million Little Peices. I bet most girls my age read that book 'Go Ask Alice'. I know that it scared the shit out of me from ever doing drugs. I felt her pain when she locked herself in the closet to get rid of the bugs crawlign on her, only to wake up and have scratched off her own skin! I read it thinking it was this girls actual diary. Was it? I really don't fucking care. I think it was the same deal, it wasn't really true...It was a good 'book'.

The smoking gun thought different.

Leave the guy a alone! So, he embellished some stories? They tried to make him admit to being a liar, no matter how many times he said he added to stories to make them more interesting, they'd say 'you lied?' drop it! It is a good story, who really cares? The worst part of that show was Oprah asking him about the girl in the story committing suicide. He wrote that she hung herself. "Was that true?" she asked. "She did commit suicide" he answered. "She hung herself?" Oprah said. "She slit her wrists" he replied.

I thought that was just fucking rude. The whole problem people are having is he classified it as a 'memoir' and not a biography. So what? Did he hurt anyone? I think not! I take great interest in this, because I myself have an interest in one day writing my own story. Whether or not it's ever published, or anyone reads it, I don't care. But, for people to tell you that you remembered things wrong, is stupid. I'm sure any one of my friends could read my journals, and have been a part of whatever I wrote about, but they won't remember the same way. People remember different details, and of course, I'm dramatic, so I make things seem worse than they are sometimes. That is all for good story telling. To the world, I say piss off and let this guy alone. Millions of people read the book, it helped some get off drugs, so why knock it down and make those druggies feel duped? They already changed the description to read 'fictionalized' memoir.

I felt personally, the worst part was, that he was on Larry King, and Oprah called to support him, then, had an entire show about how she regretted supporting him.
Get a fucking life. So, she'll take her endorsement off the cover. So what, she already did a show about how great the book is, that can't change. Still the same book!

The other thing I didn't appreciate learning about was terrorists, and how they are going to strike again. There were 2 terrorism specialists on there, and being informed is much more troubling than walking around being ignorant! It made me dream that a bomb was dropped on us. What's up with that crap Bin Laden said he'll strike in the heart of our land. Ummmm, hello........OHIO IS THE HEART OF IT ALL!!!! They said he is making threats because if they leave Iraq to defend us here he will have 'won'. Ok, whatever!

I also learned, that should the bird flu get bad, we'd all die. They don't have the means to make enough vaccines for it, and it would be like the 1800's again. Isn't that nice to know? Get yourself a mask. They said when you need them, there wont be any around. Go, get them today!!!!

Today's Question:

What do you think about any of these topics?


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Celina said...

I get tired of Oprah. I used to love watching her (when she'd come on after General Hospital), but then she'd get "preachy." Or when she'd do her "My Favorite Things" shows--come on! If those people can afford to take off work, fly to Chicago, AND buy tickets to her show, they don't NEED FREE THINGS!

As far as terrorists & bird flu (yes, I group these the same), I figure: "Que sera, sera" (whatever happens, happens). I have no control over what middle eastern maniacs/chinese bird breeders do, so there's no sense in worrying. Of course, this is a new part of my thought process, cuz I'm a "Natural Born Worrier." LOL, of course, dear hubby tends to overreact, and already has 2 bio-suits for us (from back when we were having the "Anthrax Scares")!

By The Way, how are things coming along with your car? Oh, and my furkids are on Catster, now. They asked to be "friends" with your furkids! :)

Rachel said...

I read "A Million Little Pieces." I agree with you. As an author, you have literary freedom to make your stories sound better. When I read it, I didn't believe every little detail but the message and theme is still the same. Have you read Augusten Burrough's "Dry"? It's excellent. It's about his problem with drugs and alchohol. His first is "Running with Scissors" which is about his childhood. Both are good. You might like them.

I didn't listen to Bush's speech. I don't listen to threats about terrorists. I'm numb to it all. I can't handle politics are news anymore. I think all the press on that stuff (including bird flu) is just a means to scare us and force us to comply with the Patriot Act or whatever. It's the government's form of control. We listen to authorities more if we're scared and we think they're protecting us. Anyway, I have to live my life.

I did make the mistake of watching "Flight 93" on A&E. I bawled my eyes out. I held Babs for a long time afterwards. She made me feel better. Don't watch it unless you want to go through 9/11 all over again.

Mon said...

Celina: My cats accepted your cats proposa. Im jealous you have bio suits! lol!
Rachel: I will look those up to read! I'm always looking for new books they make time go faster at work (listening on cd)Ugh, we watched flight 93. I never cry, and it was sad!!! Just imagining what would you say to your loved ones if you knew you were going to die?