"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Planes, Trains and Automobiles....

That stupid adultress bitch Angelina Jolie is pregnant w/Brad Pitts baby. I can't stand either one of those stupid fuckheads!!!!! They should watch out cus cheaters get it in the end! Their baby will have 2 heads or something!

Stop the presses, they are fixing the pot holes on the road I work on. The entire side of the street is all holes, you couldn't even drive on it. It's a miracle they are fixing it!

We watched Red Eye last night. It was good flick! Not your typical Wes Craven flick, but it was still good.

This wknd we get to go to a private party at the Bier Haus for finishing the shooter crew thingy. Who the hell doesn't love a private party? I'm excited. I'd be more excited if I could afford to get drunk. But rumor has it, you get to sample all the new shots for this year's list, and sample to me means free. I'm all over it!

It kinda sucks cus Bethie's cousin's band Suspect is playing at Peabody's the same night, and I'd love to go! I havn't seen them in forever, and they are pretty good, they can jam! I told Tayray (it's her first time seeing them) to rock out with her cock out. If I had a cock, I'd be the biggest pimp ever. I'd also probably be dead cus some girl would've been fed up with me by now and bust a cap in my ass! At least I'd die with the satisfaction of knowing I did all her friends. And their friends. And their friends, you get the picture. Men can be sluts. It's ok.

Speaking of cocks! We got a new boss at work! Not an immediate supervisor, I still luckily have my boss, but they created a position above her for a guy who has been here 1 year less than me, and came from sales. He's been in the office now for like 2 years. Anyone who knows sales people, know, the office is no place for them! He comes to us from customer service. Ask me if any of those people got raises in the last couple of years, cus the answer is no. I'm not happy. My boss has been with the company like, 30 years. This guy who is just about my age, is now the director of marketing. A sales man. Marketing. Sales. While often associated together, they are way different!

So on Friday a girl I work with got a new car. We both had Alero's. Mine is 1 yr newer. She had nothing but trouble with hers. I've been really lucky no problems. I had the brakes done but CP did that and it cost me under 50 bucks. I told her that, then I knocked on wood, and I'll be damned if the very next day isn't when it started making that weird noise!!! She said it sounds like the wheel bearing she had hers done like 3 times. I looked it up online and yea, that is what it sounds like. Beautiful!

And pretty much everyone has had problems with their cars, all the same things too. This is why you don't let a salesman talk you out of your choices. I looooooove my car, it's so adorable, but I went there, 3 yrs ago, to get a Grand Am. I had a one before, and I loved it and I knew it was reliable. The Alero was slightly cheaper, and looks just like the new Grand Am's. Plus it had a sunroof, and a kickin stereo, power everything, and new tires. And, ok, the sunroof is what did it! Stupid!

The guy I work with who's cousin's husband died in the mine in WV, went to the funeral yesterday. He said you know you are in WV when the person being buried is wearing a Jeff Gordon Nascar jacket. And that's the truth.

Today's Question:

What's been your most reliable or favorite car?

I had a 92 Cavalier, and a 93 Cavalier. Both lasted me years and years. Tose were most reliable. I paid off the 92 actually, I owned my very own car! The biggest peice I ever had was a 93 ford taurus. Followed closely by my Ford Grenada, but that shouldn't count cus it was my first car, and it was 10 yrs old lol.
My fave until now was always my 93 Grand am. I loved my Alero best, but not if she is going to blow up. I can't love a car that blows up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid bitch! (don't tell her I said that!)


Lindsey said...

sorry monica hopefully your's won't be as bad as mine was!! also fyi lost starts back tonight~~ yay!

hot for jr. said...

I love Dale Jr. and would do him in a heartbeat, but please don't bury me in my Dale Jr. jacket, OK?!?!

My most reliable car was probably my cavalier too! I bought it new in 87 I think. I had it for 9 years, paid it off, and I don't remember having 1 major issue with it. Don't ask me why I now drive a Ford Escort ZX2. I love it, but I always thought of myself as a Chevy person.

Mon said...

Lindsey: I totally forgot at least there will be good TV!
JR: I think I might have to look for another car. Unless CP will try to fix mine.
I wont bury you in your coat are you kidding?

Tayray said...

I really liked my 99 mustang, until I totalled it in the snow after only making four or so car payments on it. I do like the car I have now, the cavalier, and yes the sunroof on that one, probally helped the sale.

MzAriez said...

I loved my Eagle Vision. It was so roomy and the cheapest car to fix. Everytime I took it in, my bill was under $50. The crazy part is that I bought it on ebay. It turned out that a bank in my town put it on there, but did not list its location in my town. I didn't know until I made arrangements to pick it up that it was down the street from me. People were so surprised that I got such a great car so cheap on ebay.

Mammamule said...

Well at least the miner had the best taste in Nascar drivers. Knowing my kids, I feel a bobble head Jeff Gordon will go in the casket with me.. Just make sure my eyelashes are curled and mascara is on so I will look good for him.
I have never had a new car but all my cars have gotten me to where I needed to be.

Mon said...

MZariez:Ebay! That is a great idea!
Momma: What, you don't want to be buried with your Jeff Gordon life size cut out?

hot for jr. said...

If you're going to bury mom with the life size cut out of Jeff, you have to bury me with the Dale Jr cut out. I want to be on top - He says he wants to be the one in control of a relationship, well, I want to have the control in the the afterlife!! Poor Matt Kenseth won't have anyone in the afterlife. We'll cut Jeff and Dale out and have to throw Matt away. Unless Mon, you want Matt. He's a rich man you know!!!

Celina said...

I also watched Red Eye the other day--it was pretty good. I'm annoyed about Brad/Angelina, but whatever (I always thought I'd be the one to carry his first child)! Broken cars are THE WORST, fortunately, I have a wonderful husband who is a mechanical genius! My most reliable/favorite/ONLY car is actually a truck. Mom bought it new in 1988, gave it to me when I graduated high school in 1999, and I'm still driving it today! Oh, it's a little toyota pickup--one of the BEST vehicles EVER built (Can't beat a Toyota)!