"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

There Isn't Really Structure to This One....

It's hump day which means I'm 1/2 way to my full capacity of tiredness, and in 2 days I'll be useless. What's good about today, is that I'm having strawberries instead of grapefruit, and their 100% more delicious. I feel fantastic other than the fact that I'm woozy from lack of sleep. Working is making me a crabby bitch. I barely know myself anymore. I'm just not me! Although I think I may have always been...my own mother got me a magnet stating 'being a crabby bitch is part of my charm'. Nice.

I had a pretty good laugh at American Idol last night. People are so stupid. I just wanna sleep. Tired. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So I'm minding my business at work last night and they page me to the phone. I know it's big when someone calls my work vs. my cell phone. It's CP. He's at Tayray's. He told me she chopped her cats tail off. What I'm thinking is, she chopped her cats tail off! When I talked to Tayray she was still upset and hard to understand but she said she shut his tail in the door and 1/4 of it fell off. So, I'm imagining this poor cat has a bloody stump for a tail, 1/4 a tail is a lot! I said to call Bubba who works at the animal hospital!!! Turns out it was 1/4 an inch, not 1/4 his tail. Regardless the poor little guy is hurt.

I just took my outdoor light up snowman in on Saturday, because Tayray faced him backwards. I thought it was a sign that he'd overstayed his welcome.

CP took down the other tree yesterday. Yea, I still had one up. I have no time! This wknd I'm spending my time organizing the laundry room, doing laundry and putting all the Xmas stuff away. It's packed up at least - hey, I got no time! He's my hero. He saved my life a few weeks ago, he pulled me from being hit by a car backing up. He really does love me! We ran into some people from work this wknd, at 2 stores. Monday one of the girls said she liked my fiance already, cus the last time she saw me at the grocery store, with my ex, we had everything separated, and me and CP had all our stuff together. I said yea, TWDSO and me didn't share anything. He got pissed at me if I drank 'his' 5 Alive. Like, you can't get the shit at any store in the world? Everything was his or mine. There was no future there, I dunno why I didn't see it sooner.

Know what a great guy I have? He dug in the trash to find my receipts from Sunday. Both my bank accounts are overdrawn. Nevermind the fact that I had several hundred in there. All the debits went through, and not the credits from all the tool rentals. They were done the same day so now I have to spend my day running to both banks telling them to fuck off and take my overdrafts away cus that is fucking ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are scandalous!

Omg, I started listening to "The Wedding" that Nicholas Sparks book....the sequel to 'The Notebook'. I think every man should read it! When I told K at work I got it she said it would change my life. I said well The Notebook really did change my views on love. Funny when stuff like that happens. I never finished my other book yet, the other woman. I was too excited to start this other one.

What do I get to do today? Oh, yes. I spent a week working on a file. Every day. I worked on this at home too, on the wknds, cus I have no life outside work. I put it up on our website, cus I spent just as much time proofreading it. As soon as I get it online, it's wrong. It matches what I had to work from, which was apparently wrong. Not my fault, yet, I am the one who looks bad, and has to spend another few days fixing it. ilovemyjobilovemyjobilovemyjob.

They are giving away Edwin Tix on the radio. I won last year, cus I'm awesome. I think I'm the only person who should ever win anything. I was a fun winner, who screamed and acted a fool, and everyone got a good laugh at me on the radio. I hate when people win and say 'great, I won, alright, yea' that only means you won't enjoy whatever you won and you shouldn't hog up prizes you don't give a shit about! The stupid bitch that won yesterday DIDNT EVEN KNOW EDWIN!
Back off haters, and listen to Q104, you might hear a REAL winner on there, that's me!

Today's Question:

What would you most like more sympathy for?

Shiiiiiiit. This is easy. Working 2 jobs. It's fucking hard to have no free time, no real vacation cus you have to work at 1 job or the other, be tired all the time, can't make plans, miss fun events, drinks after work. 1 year (and 1 week) is a long fucking time to work 2 jobs. Especially when my first job isn't a cake walk either. It sucks having to say 'no' to people who invite you out. Missing concerts cus they are during the week. Dividing limited free time up between different sets of friends, a fiance, 7 pets, MYSELF, and family. All while keeping up a respectable household, that contains 7 pets and a fiance. Who make a hellofalotta messes around the joint. I don't get to see much daylight in the winter. I have to use my 45 minute lunch break to do 99% of my errand running, cus the weekends are spent doing 'fun' things, and cleaning and doing laundry, and oh yea, did I mention I have to take the time to sleep too??? I love to bitch about things!


Tayray said...

I turned your snowman around because it was sorta a joke for the magnet with a penis you put on my door. And yes I was hysertical last night, freaking out, not knowing what to do!! And it was a TRUE accident, I swear!!!!

the blonde 1 said...

You should read The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. I tried reading The Wedding but I couldn't get into it. However, The Rescue is really good.

Rachel said...

I am so addicted to American Idol! I just love watching people make fools of themselves.

Sympathy? Maybe how I've made a big move and all these changes and how it's stressful.