"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 20, 2006

I Am Iron (wo)Man....?

It's finally Friday! And, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to my future husband (shhh...) Edwin McCain! He is 36. Same age as CP...hmmmmmm.... it's a sign!!!!! Have a good one cutie pie, I'm comin' to getcha May 6!!!!!

The wknd is here! La-de-da! I had a couple girls at work ask me about starting up body sculpting again when I quit my second job. I'm all for it. So, I decided last night, would be a good time to start with it again to get myself ready to 'lead' others. Holey shit! I'm sore! I can't remember the last time I worked out til my legs gave, and I wanted to puke. When we stopped doing the classes so I could take on another job, it was cake, it didn't even phase me. I did the class, then went for an hour aerobics class!!!!!! This was only a year ago! God, I use to love that! Now, it's killin me! It's weights, and toning a little cardio. I'm working on some new, interesting things for the classes. It gives me purpose when everything else seems to be going nowhere.

It's been 6 days since I had the good lovin, and it's starting to make me a lil' bitchy. I was sick for days, but last night, obviously I was good to go, I was pumpin' iron, squatting, lunging, and sweating. The man pooped out! I worked 2 jobs and killed myself working out, and HE pooped out! I'll say it again..... men are clearly the weaker sex. (no shit?)

Last night I keyed at 16,600 kph. (keystrokes per hour) the minimum to keep your job is 9,000. Basically I was kickin' ass and taking names. I only took 1 break, and I only made 44 bucks! I don't remember the last time I banked a $50 night but it seems like too damn long!

I think we might go see Hostel this wknd. Depends on how my car does. CP is suppose to fix my car. The wheel bearing. Pray that he can, cus otherwise, it'll cost me $350 to fix. Add that to the $400 I owe the government for no good fucking reason, and you got yourself a disgusted girl! I keep thinking only a little more at the second job, then something else comes up! I just need to cut my losses! I'd be golden, if CP would get his job back, and get paid regularly for 2 months. That's how I'll really be ok! I need 2 months of me working 2 jobs, and him back to work to get myself where I need to be.

My car is worth $4000. I owe $8000 something. How is it that we get fucked no matter what we do? God!

CP was fiddling with my taxes last night giving me deductions for things I never use on my taxes. He thinks he can get the amount I owe down with travel time, books I bought for work and a few other things. Well I certainly hope so! I told him if they audit me, that I'm going to run for the border, and he better come with or I'll turn him in for doing it. I'm half tempted to write a letter to the president. You know how much he cares about us, I'm sure he'd see to it that I got off paying that $400.

I watched Invasion finally. Man, that show is getting really good, even though I fucking hate aliens!!!! Their not ....really aliens though, I suppose their more like a government project. So I can like them!

Today's Question:

What is the best, and worst thing about your present job?

The best thing is that 99% of the time, I am left to work on my own. My boss comes to check on me once in a while, gives me more work, or redistributes the work load. But day-to-day I am trusted enough to work on my own. I love that. I work best when I am not hounded, and babysat. I also have a great team that I work with, and we help each other whenever we need it, and I have a lot of diverse responsibilities. And, the best boss because she works just as hard as we do. LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

The worst thing, is that I work for many people. I have 1 boss, but I support many others. Sometimes, I have several projects for different people, it's frustrating, because each person views theirs as most important, and they will hound me until I finish their project. My boss however, always supports me when I am unable to finish one task because I am busy with another.


bethie said...

The best thing about my job (same place as Mon's but different dept)is NO TIME CLOCK!! and they are lenient about dr appts and if you have to leave early for a sick child or something. The worst thing is annoying people that you have to see everyday.

Tayray said...

The best thing about my job is that, well Im not babysat anymore. I used to work with Bethie and we couldnt take breaks or lunchs together, but now that I am out of the department we can do what we want!
The worst thing is that I hate what I do right now.

MzAriez said...

Best thing....everyday is different.

Worst thing....gas prices. I ike communting, but can't we go back to under $1.75 for us poor people.

BTW...wanna hear something funny?


Have a great weekend!

Rachel said...

Good for working out! I'm trying to get back into it too. It's hard. I'm so weak! I have to do sissy push-ups now.

My man poops out on me all the time. Just remember that the next time HE wants it at 6 am while you're dead asleep! I hate that!

The worst thing about my job?
I haven't started yet so I'm anxious that I'll be horrible at it and fail or hate it.
The best thing?
The excitement of starting something new.