"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 06, 2006

Stake Out...

Sooooo..... I'm coming home from work last night at 9:30 and pass a policeman doing the speed limit of 35 mph a block from my street. Of course, he pulls out and follows me, I turn left, he follows me, I turn left into my parking lot, he sits there at the bottom of the hill while I drive up to my garage, get out, he's still there, open the door, get in my car, he's still there, pull in the garage, and then he's gone. What the fuck did I ever do the God Damn Canal Fulton police department? Have you nothing better to do gentlemen, than harass me? I am a law abiding citizen if ever I knew one! This is the second time they have done that alone, following and waiting on me.

This doesn't include the time back in June that they pulled me over for no good reason and put me through the sobriety testing! Then apologized profusely when they realized that duh, I wasn't drunk. Sorry I work late and come home later than most folks in town. Sorry I came home over the river and through the woods, and I had my brights on. If this doesn't stop, I think I am going to have to call and ask them why they are staking me out.

I really miss having fun. Remember back when I had fun every day? Life was a party. I hate that things have to change. Just us girls, seemed we had more time to kickit when we all worked two jobs, vs. now that I'm the only one doing it. What's up with that? Working two jobs use to be a blast, now it's a necessity. Maybe if I hadn't had so much fun back then I could've quit by now? I'd have made more money. Ah well. You do know, that having a man in your life is a job too, so I have three jobs. Everyone wants a peice of me, what can I say?

I feel uninteresting. Uninspired, and bored. I thought it was the winter blah's but fuck, we havn't even really had winter yet.

CP made soup beans and cornbread last night, Yum-diddily! That's poor man's food! We's poor men's right now! We planned to go to bed early, cus we were both exhausted from staying up, then stayed up til 11, and I stayed up until ohhhh bout 12:30. I simply can't just go home and go to bed. I'm a fucking mother! Mom's have responsibilities. Kid's want attention! My dog is so depressed, I feel awful. She lays around. Thats it. She use to get a walk every day. I'm sure shes bored out her freaking mind! I'm a terrible mother!

At work last night, it was slow. But, do you think they'd offer us to go home? No! Instead, they decided that we can open mail. That is the tards job! Sorry, but, the 'mentally challenged' get to open the mail, and do certain jobs that require hitting 1 or 2 computer keys. We aren't allowed to do their jobs any other time. They are 'reserved'. I didn't sign up to work at opening mail. You get paid what they call 'down time' to do it. Which is your average hourly rate from the previous week. So, if you have a bad day or two, you can end up averaging really low. Or, you can average really high. Normally, I'm around $11/hr which is awesome for mindlessly keying!

Open the mail...fuck that, last week my average was only $8.52. We were off a day for the holiday which fucked it all up! I am not going to sit and open mail for 8.52/hr when I can do what I was hired for and make $16 in an hour! That place is a joke, and in 61 days I won't miss much about it at all! Anyways, I outsmarted the system. I worked really slow on a big batch I had, and I didn't have to open their fucking mail!! Open the mail! Eat me!!

I'm getting my hair done finally. I should get an award for ridding the world of my skankiness! CP thinks I should let it grow, but you know how men are, they don't have to fix and take care of the hair, so of course they like it long!! It's to my shoulders now, and that's as far as I go! At least for now. It was long last year, and I'm not last year's me anymore, I'm this year's me, and I like the me that I am this year, and I'll be me forever, and always me.

Sure, I need more caffine pills. Yet another addiction I'll have.

Tuesday, It'll be 7 years since I got divorced. 7 years.

This song has grown on me:
Good is Good, Sheryl Crow

Good is good and bad is bad
You don't know which one you had
She put your books out on the sidewalk
Now they're blowing 'round
They won't help you when you're down

Love's on your list of things to do
To bring your good luck back to you
And if you think that everything's unfair
Would you care if you're the last one standing there
And everytime you hear the rolling thunder
You turn around before the lightening strikes
And does it ever make you stop and wonder
If all your good times pass you by

Today's Question:

What is the shortest time you spent between meeting someone, and having sex?

Hmmm. Like, 4 or 5 hours? Does that make me a slut? aaaaaaaaaaah, to be young again! It turned into a 3 yr relationship, I was that good.


Tayray said...

Maybe the cops are following you because you look like a 'young kid'. They tend to harrass the youngster's in the town. Or maybe its not you at all and they are watching the drug dealing neighbors. Remember the cops were already there the second night they lived there.
And for the answer to my question, I was 18, it was 3 hours and it turned into a relationship!!

mammamule said...

Maybe Barney needs to meet his quota for the month. Be careful, you may be the recipient of his one bullet allowance. Then again, maybe he thinks you are a cutie. Not much to do in Canal Fulton since they roll up the sidewalks at sundown so they are probably just bored. Any moving vehicle is a target.

beth said...

i'm still a virgin.