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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Apples and Oranges.....

I know, it isn't nice to compare, but me and Kat were talking about what a dillhole my ex TWDSO was and some of the dumb things he did. You know, you realize these things in hindsight. The main thing that I hated was he refused to do menswork. I was more of a man, in that I didn't let trivial things piss me off, and I had to do all the men's work around the place.

Once, the garbage disposal quit working. It sat that way for a week, with dirty food water in the sink, which attracted gnats. He didn't try to unclog it, or even look at the garbage disposal. He was raised to not have to do a damn thing in his life, his parents did everything for him. Anyhow, after a week of living like that, I decided to open the cabinet, and see what I could see with the disposal. Right in plain view, is a big red button that said 'reset'. What the hell, I pushed it, and holey shit, the disposal started working! A fucking monkey could have done it, but not TWDSO - that was too hard.

Another thing he was famous for was throwing money away. Now, we made about the same amount of money, he made more cus of commission but we had the same salary. I certainly didn't enjoy throwing money away cus I don't consider myself rich. He would always say "I'll hire someone for that". ...

The bathroom door knob needed replaced. He wouldn't replace it because "one day I'm having the bathroom re-done". It was almost a year later that this happened, meanwhile, the doorknob didn't work properly and you could get stuck in the shitter. I moved 2 screws on that thing, to fix it. Me. The woman.

He had his house painted. He bought the paint then hired people to paint it. He tried to do it with his dad, and as far as they got was pressure washing the house. The over 100 year old, wood sided house. Needless to say they ruined a good portion of the wood and made swirly marks in it. We couldn't possibly paint the house, he took a week off work to try to paint it, with a friend. That lasted I think 2 days when he decided it's too hard. Why? Cus he is not a man and he can't do men's work. I offered to help, but I'd be doing it myself.

We remember how he wouldn't even change my tire for me. He wouldn't even check my oil. "I pay people for that"

Every season, I, the woman, had to carry the A/C in and out of the house....to the DETACHED garage nonetheless. He wouldn't help me. He had a 'bad back' yet, when the Dr. told him to fix it he needed to do exercises to strenghthen the muscles, that was too hard for him and he didn't. Instead, he had to act like an 80 year old man, when he was only 30. His excuse was, that he didn't like air conditioning and if I wanted it, I had to carry it. Dick.

I single handedly landscaped his fucking yard. He never helped me. I did it all by hand, no rototilling. I lugged all the dirt, grass, rocks, and plants by myself. Now, you see why I took everything, or killed what was left when I moved out! I also had to do 100% of the house work, and the outside work. He mowed the grass, and did his laundry. I was a maid, only, I paid HIM to live there!

This is a big plus for my CP. He is a real man, who does men's work. And, I don't have to worry about asking him to do anything, cus I know at least he will attempt it before saying he can't do it. I have a screw in my sweeper that keeps falling out when I sweep, and the handle pops off. I put it back in but it keeps coming out. I asked him if he could screw it in cus for some reason I'm not getting it. I got home and he told me it's missing a nut and he is going to go get a nut to fit the screw and fix it. Someone else I knew would have bought a brand new sweeper, even though my sweeper is only a year old!

He put a new faucet in my bathroom too. And, fixed lots of things on my car. If I can't figure something out, he can. And he's good at math too! I really lucked out with this one. He also cooks, and has been doing the housework while he is laid off. He's smart and can fix computers too! Like I've said before, I wonder when he'll turn into that pumpkin? Or...maybe a frog? I'm not accustomed to having everything that I want in 1 person. I could go on forever but I won't bore you. At least not today!

I'm pretty tired of making 5 meals a day at night. As if I don't have enough shit to do in my 2 hours at home? Ugh! I did however, lose 5lbs in 3 days. I even got it down pat as to what I can eat and don't have to follow a list so it's getting easier. I believe it's something I can continue forever, which is what I need. I'll still have some bad things here and there. I am adding a sugar free fudgecicle a day to my food. Why? Cus its only 40 calories, and it makes me happy, and not run to the vending machine to eat loads of chocolate! Also, I've passed the hump of the 'good for you food' tasting tasteless, and now I enjoy it. You just have to get past those first few days of 'suffering'.
(Lost to follow -don't read if you don't wanna know nothin!)
Lost was freaking awesome, except I dont know much about religion, I bet there is all kinds of meaning in that episode. I did put it on slow when Charlie's dad was chopping the head off that doll cus for a split second they show the meat case behind him, close up, and it has a chopped to peices doll inside of it. Weird. What if the people who've died went to hell? What if they are in purgatory, and only people who've been baptized get to be saved? I felt bad for Charlie, cus no one believed him but that is the pain of being a drug addict.....people will always assume you are cracked out when you have visions, and sleepwalking and don't know why.

Interesting story Eko told about John the baptist, how it rained after he baptized Jesus. Remember the weird painting in the hatch, with the sun and the rain? The reference to the bible Eko found about Noah, and it raining 40 days and 40 nights...the ship that was found up so high it had to have gotten there from a flood. All this means something. What? who fuckin knows! But the previews next week show the rain coming, after baptising Aaron and Claire. Interesting! And why could only Charlie save the baby? I will be so pissed when this show is over for the season!

Today's Question:

What is the lowest thing you have ever done?

Had an affair. It's the only thing I've done bad that really bothers me this many years later. It's that whole 'do unto others' thing...getsya every time!


Rachel said...

a 40 calorie fudgesicle? Awesome! I hate cooking so Jason makes dinner but, boy, does he bitch about it. I find it harder to get men to do things sometimes than just doing it yourself!

The lowest thing I ever did? There are lots, but with reference to dating...I was really mean to this guy I went on a date with when I was in high school. I ditched him in the middle of the date to go out with a cuter guy. I didn't even hide it. I was awful.

Mon said...

Rachel: Yes, they are made by 'popcicle' brand. They make creamcicles that are sugar free too but I'm not sure about the calories on that one. You can't tell they are sugar free either!
Omg, the things you do when you are young! LOL!