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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What a Difference a Bra Makes....

Well, I finally made the long trek to the mall to get me a new brazier! I've been lugging my girls around in the same 3 bras for about a year now. That doesn't work well when you have got junk under the hood.

I got it from Lane Bryant. It's a cleavage enhancer. Cleavage! On Me! Whodathunk? I like shopping there better than Victoria Secret. The girls are nicer at Lane Bryant. So, it works out for all of us that they don't carry my bra size anymore.

I had to see one of TWDSO friends at the cell booth. He saw me. I looked away! WTF he is doing working at the mall, I dunno, but must suck to be him lol!

Funny thing is, when I got back and put it on, I went down to show them off to Tayray (a.k.a. Great Boobs Tayray) and she was far away and I stuck them out and turned sideways. "Someone" higher up came back to ask if we were posing back there. AH HA! Busted. Pretty embaressing!!

Talking to Beth, another female coworker notices..

CW: "psst. Mon"
Me: "What?"
CW: Motions me over
"What's up with your boobs?"
Me: "Do you love it? It's a new bra"
CW: "Where did you get it? I can't stop looking at them lol Is it a miracle bra?"
Me: "It's a sensual curves bra, from Lane Bryant, (poking them) thats all me in there"
CW: "Looks like you got a boob job"

I kid you not people, the power of a bra is unmatchable.

I ponder, perhaps not getting a real boob job, and trying to be the new model for Lane Bryant....I could stop watching what I eat and exercising, that would be a bonus. I could stay how I am...hmmmm.......

Watch out world, my boobs are up to my armpits, and I got cleavage. Here I come!!!


Tayray said...

LOL Looks like I have some great boob competition going on!! Better go get me another new bra!
Just joking!!!

Celina said...

Lane Bryant, huh? I have the hardest time finding bras. Believe me, I understand the 3 bras for 1 year thing...I hate even looking at them--they just never fit right. When they made 1/2 sizes...I wondered what the big deal was--I mean, if you're an A, your an A. I think there should be C1/2, D1/2--that's when boobs really start to "fit" different! Nevermind that I live in a small town, where Walmart is the only place to buy underwear! Really, I wish I could just go without!!

the blonde 1 said...

Are you comfortable, though? That is the ultimate question!

Mon said...

Celina: Lane bryant has a nice website. I cant see spending that much on a bra, but i did it. and, I am the talk of the workplace! Can't wait til WG sees em ha ha!

blonde 1:
Bra's are a hard business! Yes, I am comfy cozy. But I did learn on TV that comfort does not equal good support for your gozongas! its not uncomfortable but snugger than my old stretched out bras!

Anonymous said...

Lane Bryant is the only place that I buy bras. They are wonderful. I wear a big size (I had to big boobs when I wasn't fat and now they are out of control). I am always happy with my LB bras. Watch for the buy 1 get one free sales.

Congrats on finding the best fitting big girl bras out there.


hot for jr. said...

Lane Bryant ROCKS!! They are a bit expensive on some things, but it is the only place I can buy "big girl bras" that fit nicely. (Thanks for that quote Katie!) Their PJ's always fit good too!! I always take advantage of the buy one get on 1/2 sale. They pretty much have that all the time. I just bought a bunch "pretty party panties" from LB too. Now that I have someone to show them to, I had to buy something besides my big white cotton ones!!

momamule said...

Put that bra in the freezer and see what happens...

momamule said...

Boobs in the armpits is what happens when you get old and lay down.. So when you have sex with a new partner make sure you let him know where they will be so he isn't searching all night and you miss doing the dew..

Mon said...

mommamule gave me my morning laugh today! Your infinite wisdom will come in handy in my aging post tomorrow lol!