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Friday, October 07, 2005

Ghost Post!...

This is to just let everyone know, that the show 'Ghost Hunters' will feature Mansfield Reformatory this Wednesday, October 12th 9pm on Sci-Fi.

You can watch a preview of this episode here.

This is big news in our ghost hunting group. Many are mad, because they have spent 8 years investigating the place, and wonder what they will find in 1 episode that they havn't found in 8 years of investigations. Pretty much, just T'O'd that they aren't the ones on TV.

Our group, use to be the 'official' investigators of the prison. Meaning, we got special priviledges. And our name on the website. There was a falling out over something with the people there and our coordinator. He was kind enough to keep it to himself, and not spread gossip, so we don't really know the full story. Just that, no one goes there 'officially' as a group anymore. And a group out of WV I believe is now their investigators. Pretty messed up since its in OHIO and we are the OHIO GHOST HUNTERS SOCIETY! What everrrr!

Myself, I'm pretty excited to see the place on the big screen. (close enough) It's an amazing place. I can't wait to see what they say about it. If they get the same 'eerie' feelings I got at certain places. If they find any EVP's. I know that people have gone several times a year and got nothing, and other times you go once and get something. It just isn't guaranteed. There is definately a feeling there that makes you feel like your being watched, your hair stand on the back of your neck. The best time is around 3 a.m. when the 'amatuers' poop out and go home, and there are less people there.

So everyone tune in, and be a part of the fun! I am really excited about this one!! I can't WAIT!

The crappy thing is, we didn't get to go this year because it sold out. Now, it will be impossible to visit them after being on TV. The good news is, now they are accepting reservations for next year. Normally, they only accept 2 wks in advance to a hunt date. So, I could schedule something now for next fall, which I think I will do!


MzAriez said...

I lived in Ohio most of my life and never knew they had tours at Mansfield.

BTW, thanks for introducing me to blogroll. I linked you to my site.

Muchas Gracias....


Mon said...

Oh yes, Ive never gone on a 'tour' but the ghost hunts are really fun!!