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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Great Pumpkin.....

Sunday, WG and me went on the great quest for pumpkins. We went to Walsh Farms, which is near my house. I am worse than a friggin' kid I swear. I get way too into things that kids like. I blame it on being the baby mkay? I was like lets go lets goooo see the animallllls! There is a petting zoo.

Normally, they have this big barn, with baby cows, and goats, and sheep, and donkies, and runny babbits, and ducks, and piggies!! Well, we sure got the big screw dilly oo this year! They tore the barn down! Alls they had in a little lean to shelter was 3 baby cows. And a buffalo. (Tayray, it was a baby buffalo, and it wont get you lol)

I was kinda mad, they also didn't have the llama this year. It's cage was there, but we didn't see it. (Tina you fat lard, eat the foooooood!!!!!) I wanted to tell it to eat! I am so easily amused!

We set out into the muddy grey yonder, to find our pumpkins. You get to pick your own, which, is great fun. Suprisingly, I picked my pumpkin way before WG did. He had a method. I am not exactly sure what his method was, but it involved, getting several 'perfect' pumpkins together, and ruling several out. Kind of like, the bachelor on TV! The perfect size, shape, and color, the way it sat, and the stem were all factors in his selection. I guess I am happy he picked me for his girlfriend seeing how picky he is!

Tayray was being a hater, and said that she was gonna steal our pumpkins! She besta leave them alone dammit, their our pride and joy!

What else happened on Sunday? OH! LOL! We took viagara. My sister will be mad. She said we could die. lol. We were careful and took 1/2 a pill. And waited......It only took like 20 min for me, and I was feelin' it. He took another half, and then he was feelin it ha ha ha. I wanted to try it because of Sex and the City, when Samantha took it, she seemed to be pretty stinking happy.

Well, so was I! It made me tingly, and happy just sitting there! I kept giggling. I am not really sure if it was the pill, or if it was cus I knew I took it that made me laugh so much. Sex....yea, it was really freaking good too, it was more intense. And we had more of it! =) I recommend it for something new, definatley! We both got really tired after a couple of hours. I blame the sex and not the drugs though. Work Monday....I was still feelin' it! I think it is pretty obvious that I got some good lovin on Sunday! I usually do get some good lovin, but we had more of it. He challenges me sexually. And that is important to me cus I love me the sex!!!!!!! (I love WG too of course, which makes it that much better!)

We have had fun talking about our future together. I am so happy that I finally found someone that I love the way I do, and that loves me back the same. I have loved people, but never felt the same back. Or, I have felt that for someone, and not loved them the same. Love is a crazy thing! You just can't beat it!

There is a new guy at work. (job 1) It is so funny, because we have like 50 or so people in the office, were tight knit. There are a few young girls (the youngest being early 20's a.k.a TAYRAY) but all the men are old. So, this guy that I sit by is a Mgr. and his son is working here now. They brought him around to see us all. Parade around the fresh meat so to speak. He's cute. He's young, but cute. But, it caused such a stir, that it makes me LOL! People are saying nice to have a man around, and Dave that I sit with said go ahead and say it, its nice to have a guy around who isn't an old fart! ha ha ha. Dave said we were going to get in trouble for sexual harassment. Who....us???

He is doing Tayray's old job, as she has moved on, and moved up in the world. Ahhh...Tayray....I'm so proud of her! The first step to success, is leaving the customer service dept.! Been there!

Today's Question:

What is the worst thing you have done on account of money?

Hmm. Cash advance. Going to 2 cash advances. So, that I had to go to 1 to pay back the other because I got too much out of both. I think its against the law or something too cus you have to go to certain ones that dont share information with each other. That sucks. I did that for 2 stinking years!

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