"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Night The Lights Went Out In Btown....

Yes. It's Columbus Day!
Yes, I had to get up and go to work!
No, the drive wasn't bad cus everyone else in the world was off work.
Yes, I get the day after Thanksgiving off instead of today, which when that day comes, I will be thankful!

I had a pretty decent wknd! Friday night Tayray came over. I got some cleaning done, and we got our drinkon. Man bashed. (you can still do this even though you are happy to help a girl out) When WG came over after Job 2, he gave us the male perspective. It is like the quote I have on my blog from Chasing Amy with WG. He's been around, and now he is with me. Some people might be scared off, but for me, I know he has done the stuff that most people worry about so I have no worries. And, we are also hap hap happy.

Friday at Job 2 wasn't too bad. Bubba was there, she calls off a lot so we miss each other and when she's there it's a bonus. Even though, she blames me for not making money. We got paid. I was off for my Canada trip,,,,,,ummmmm yea, I got a 1 week paycheck so I'm dirt poor!

I'm tired of pretending that I don't know, but WG did tell me that he has a little something in the works for me. It is not Edwin McCain as previously planned.....The man actually wants to marry me!!!!!!!!! He already has my ring....well making pmts I guess? He showed me a claim check. He was trying so hard last week to throw me off the course of thinking that was happening, that he caused a bit of a rift with us. So he spilled the beans. He also told me not to tell anyone he did it. (so I posted it on my blog!) lol. Oh well. I said you can't tell me that, and then expect me not to tell a soul. (which, it turns out he has already told all my friggin friends!!) I couldn't even tell Bubba...he told her too! Sheesh! Brother, momma, everyone knows. What I don't know, is how, when, where etc... so no one spill the beans about that.

Saturday, I think it could have snowed out. C-O-L-D!! brrrrrr I swore that I was not turning on the heat until it was November. Saturday, I broke down and turned the living room on to 40 degrees. LOL! WG made fun of me and said that it was warmer outside! It's expensive to turn on the heat man! I did a lot of laying around and watching lost. I'm trying to get WG addicted to it, so he watched 3 or 4 episodes with me. I watched the bonus footage. I didn't learn anything, but that I felt bad for the wild boars on the show, they starved them to get them to chase people. Ugh....I just love the animals.

We had our bowling league. Beth loaned me her ball. (Cus, TWDSO swears that he doesn't have my ball, but he is driving around w/my ball in his trunk, in a box labeled with my freaking name on it, one day, his lies will catch up with him. It'll crack him in the head and he will be sorry!) Anyhoo, I broke 70 with her ball. Lol! I got a spare. (for me this is good!) We bowled, it turns out, with my dad's neighbors. I thought the name was familiar, but I'm stupid like that and don't talk to people. The mom came up to me and asked if I remembered her and I said no. lol. I said do you know me? She said her name, and I said, my dads neighbor???? I use to play with their daughter when I stayed at my dads. She was there too, and the husband. The husband told me stories about my dad, and how much he liked him, and how helpful he always was, and how smart he was, and how he worked with HIS dad at the aerospace. Small world!

I also saw my ex boyfriend's dad's name on the bowling list. I dunno why I must be tortured. I hope he doesn't recognize my name. I never actually 'met' him.

Then the lights went out.

Literally. There was a power outage. We bowled 1 1/2 games, and the power went out. There was a fire down the road, so we had to sit around in the dark for like 1/2 hr til they decided we could go. Mind you, we bowl underground. Not underground, like cool, bowling, underground like in a basement. So, I didn't think it was the best idea to be hanging around if there was a fire, but...what the fuck do I know? We did get our drinks for free, because WG was running a tab and they couldn't run his card. Bonus!!! Now we gotta spend the next week bowling for like 5 hours, and that is no lie. It is not so much fun as it is like work. It's 3 games. And 12.50 per time we go! It was the first meeting with the wife, since finding out WG was still married to her. Shouldn't be long now. lol. It wasn't bad. She really is nice, and doesn't make me feel stupid or anything.

We went home and watched Lost. Snuggled under the blankies.

I get to take an HTML training session. I am going to be too smart for my own good! I know the basics, but it goes in depth.

Sunday update tomorrow. Since Sunday was an especially good day! =) And, I got pictures to download. (Well, WG has to do it for me, we will see!)

Today's Question:

What is the least you have ever worn in public?

I was like 11 or 12 and my friend stephanie and me went to the IGA grocery store in tshirts with belts. lol. We pretended to be in a play. I dont think anyone asked us about the play so I dont know why we concocted that stupid story.


heatherkins said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tshirts and belts hahahahhahahhaa this made me spit my pop out laughing so hard!!!!!!

heatherkins said...

That's me Bubba =)~

hot for jr. said...

HEY BUBBA!!! Hope all is going well with you. Glad to hear you survived your little accident.
~~ Bernice