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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

All About My Humanization of Animals....

I thought my title sounded quite professional. I was searching for a new sweater for my doggie, Little Hill. (or, Lil' Bill, Bill, Billy, Hillbilly) Lately I call her Bill. Because someone was drunk at my party one summer and his name was Bill. He thought my dogs name was too, and it just stuck. She likes me to call her Billy. I know, because she tells me...DUH!

So, Bill is old. She is going to be 10 this April. She gets cold in the fall and winter. She shivers she has old achy bones! So, she wears a sweater. I feel the need to justify this, because people make fun of her. But, clearly, she loves to wear her sweater, I mean, just look at her!

This is Billy Bear, wearing her sparklie red chenile sweater. It's real chenile people, because she is worth it! Granted, she is about a month overdue at the groomer in this picture, but you cant deny that she's the cutest dog ever, in her sparklie holiday sweater!

While perusing for a new sweater, I came across cat sweaters!!!! BRILLIANT!
I have 4 long haired cats! 3 persians, and 1 siamese/birman mix. Sweaters would enhance their look! Don't they just look smart?? You can learn to make these at their website. Momma, I think this is a great gift to be passed down from grandmother, to grandcat. I think they would cherish them always and forever.

Seriously though, I just might take up knitting, and I could have a different look for each pet. I love this for my pupper!

I have no problem believing my pets are people. Their more people than children are. At least, when I tell my dog or cat to shut up, they listen. Proof, that they understand english more than human kids.

They love me too, no matter what. Even if I am screaming about something and throwing books. I won't get in trouble for child endangerment! They just wait til mom calms down and give me lovins!

I definately love my furkids!!!!!!


Rachel said...

Oh my God, they are too cute! My bunnies are my kids and family. They are people to me. I don't feel like I'm alone at all when I'm home. I love just laying down and letting them snuggle up to me. They are awesome. They're always "talking" to me in their own little way.

Celina said...

I've been on a cat-clothes frenzy lately. I have bought 2 cordoroy jackets with "wool" lining (1 green, 1 tan), a blue jersy with "#1" written in rhinestones, and a black "knit" sweater with feathers around the neck! But see, 1 cat is like 20 pounds, and the other is only 7, so they have to have their OWN outfits! They also have halloween costumes and winter "boots" (even though we live in Mississippi)! I'm all about "humanizing" my pets! And, I think I'll adopt your name for them: Furkids!