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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lost Again.....

This is a lost post don't read it if you weren't true fan enough to watch it last night!

HOOOOOLEY crapoleeeee! Did anyone catch lost last night? I kept saying...."don't push the button the button is bad" lol. Lots of questions answered, but lots still out there!

Was Locke sent to the island as Desmond's 'replacement'? Who does he keep talking to?
"What do you want me to do?"
"This isn't how it was suppose to happen"
"I can't do this alone Jack, don't make me do it alone"

Pushing the button takes 2 people? What if Jack is right, and there IS nothing to worry about?

What's up with that movie they watched? True? Fake? BS? Mind Games? They showed polar bears as part of the experiments. I like Jack's theory of "Maybe they just asked you to stay here and push that button to see how long you would do it"

The others....? Ummm where did they come from? Are they all people who crashed and landed there? Maybe the electromagnetic field thing is true. Would that be what cured locks legs? Maybe it is a place for nuts people. What is up with the asian guy speaking in english next week (in previews) this shit is getting crazy, and I just can't take it anymore!!!!

I am also the only one cool enough to watch this show, besides Kat, and she didn't friggin watch last night. So I am left with all these questions, I just can't stand it!!!!

If you watch, what are your theories???? I didn't notice anything weird last night as in clues. They kinda told us a lot, but then, didn't really tell us anything at all!!!!!!!!!!

I think they are trying to drive us crazy!


Anonymous said...

Ok so I watched it at lunch! OMG! What happens if they don't push the button? I was kind of hoping Jack would decide not to. Maybe he is right about it being an experiment.

Here's a theory. What if the button "resets" the electromagnetic field that "hides" the island. This would be a true mind game. If they push the button they never get rescued. If they decide not to the island shows up and they get rescued. Weird!


Lindsey said...

Hey i watched it. There was something fishy about that video there was a part that skipped out. I think thats why locke was going to watch it again but he didn't get a chance cuase of the loss of power. I love reading your blog every thursday to see what you thought of lost. Not sure about the others.

Mon said...

Kat: I think you are right! I think it might hide the island. I think if they dont push it also, the monsters and traps will reset. I think the thing that pulled locke into the hole was to get him to push the button.
LindseyI think u r brilliant! I didn't even catch that with the video skipping, but I think its quite possible!!!
More to come since I just got the first season on DVD Ill be looking for more info!!!!