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Friday, October 21, 2005

Ugh! Lucky!....

I enjoy reading Pink Is the New Blog. It gives hope to all bloggers, that fame and fortune can be yours. (ok, so maybe not, but the first step, is having kick-ass read-worthy material such as this)

Ummm, Hello, Madonna?

Dude got to meet MADONNA?

And, as if that weren't cool enough, he got a story about him in another blog, about how he got to meet Madonna? A picture? With Madonna? Hey, I was in Detroit in September, getting gas, does this mean I am cool too Madge???? (It's ok, I know the answer already!)

Can I go on a moment, on how I am worthy of meeting this material girl?

I've loved her since I was 8. Seeing how I am pushing 30, this means I have been a fan for 23 years. Thats longer than some people I know have even been ALIVE! And a fan? Loves an artist for their work! I didn't laugh when she changed her look. I never thought she was a hoe when she slept around. I have bought every album. I never called her a sell out! There is being a fan, and being a fan of someones music. I am a fan. I love all that is Madonna. I understand that she can't sing the same pop music from the 80's!

My first cassette tape? Madonna, Madonna. My first favorite song? Burnin' Up! I swear my first coveted peice of 'jewelry' was black O-rings. I spent countless (and I mean countless) hours in front of the mirror, with an old telephone cord as my microphone, singing her songs. I might not have done it well, but I did it. Sometimes I lip synced, but only when my throat was sore from the high notes. I use to put on my sisters prom dress and sing Material Girl. (I don't think I ever told her this...SUPRISE!)

If I weren't ashamed, I might even tell you, that I would sit on the toilet and act like I WAS Madonna, being interviewed. Now, it sounds like I had multiple personality disorder. And for some reason, the toilet seemed the most appropriate place to me. I made up dances to her songs. A favorite routine was to 'White Heat' off True Blue. The breaks in the song with talking, made for dramatic dance tempo changes! I also, have the dance down pat from the True Blue video. I can still do it, if you wanna see. It's mostly hand movements, but thats dancing!

I remember all the hours spent at the radio, waiting for the premiere of 'Rescue Me'. Fingers on the record/play button, cus at any moment, the song could be on! Times were tough. We didn't have cable! I didn't get MTV! I had 23 Music Magazine with Billy Soul! (local yocal!)

I didn't have the internet! No downloading! If you wanted that song, you had to put in your due time at the radio recording! After a few years, we got the cassette singles! Then, the maxi-singles! God, am I sounding like a Fogey or what?

When I was 12 I stayed at the TV all night, waiting for the Pepsi commercial, that premiered 'Like a Prayer'. Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday! I thought she had the coolest blond streaks in the front of her hair!! I had to try it myself! I soaked my hair in bleach. Real bleach. (this doesn't work for the record)

I have a music book of Like a Prayer. All the songs. I played them on my trumpet. I was the coolest chick ever! I had the posters, the magazines! (if you wanna be REAL jealous, I also have a New Kids on the Block comic book!) I even had this 6 foot tarp of Madonna from Truth or Dare. My brother's friend got it for me. My mom threw it away and she will never admit to it, but she did. I spent the wknd with my sister, and she ordered Truth or Dare on pay per view for me. She even made me peanut butter cookies! She realized, this was an event!

I am part of Madonna's inner-most circle. She sends me emails from time to time to let me know how she is doing, and what is new and up and coming on the horizon. She calls me too, well, she doesn't say my name, but it's her on my phone! I get all this courtesy of the fan club. You know, it only costs $50 to join! But you do get cool shit!!!

I was like a virgin, before I even knew what a virgin was! I was livin in a material world, thinking, material was what my mom made crafts from. Later, I stayed up til all hours, to watch Justify My Love. Because, you know, it was so racy! People are having sex on TV now, but we couldn't watch some lezbo tongue action on cable?

I don't even like kids and I have her kids books.

She is also the only woman you'd hear me say this about:

"heck yea I'd do her in a heartbeat"

And, only cus I love her so much! Deeply......

So, watch her new documentary! It's on Friday 10/21/05 on MTV at 10pm!!!

Now, while Edwin loves me, and we understand each other, we are not on a communication basis like I am with Madonna. So, it would be hard for me to choose. And, since same-sex marriages aren't really allowed in all states, I might have to pick Edwin, if only cus we could live happily ever after....legally. But I can't say for sure, cus, I wouldn't want to miss out on any opportunities!

I am going out tonight. Long...Long...Long overdue, seeing how I didn't go out at all last wknd! (no alchohol touched these lips!) Karaoke at On Tap! I think it might end up being girls only. But, as long as they got beer, I could really care less! A guy from job 1 is going but he counts as one of the girls. lol. I really miss kickin it with my homies!!!!!

Today's Question:

Does anyone love a singer/group the way that I love Madonna?


MzAriez said...

For me it is Orlando Bloom. I got the pictures, the poster, and the movies. He just "does it" for me.

Mon said...

Oh....I love me some orlando bloom too!!!! He hangs in my hallway!! LOL!