"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I have 2 shocking tidbits!

I got electricuted.

How, you might ask?

Not listening to the man when he told me something.

I have these lamps I got at the goodwill, their a matching set. I am impatient, and slammed my trunk on one and bent it before I even got it home. I need that lamp, so I asked WG if he thought he could fix it. Only the top where the bulb goes, was bent.

He said he couldn't fix it.

I said why not? He said to trust him, he couldn't fix it.

I don't listen so well. I decided I could fix it. I put the bulb in and plugged it in and it didnt work, so I took the bulb out, and took the sleeve off, and rescrewed the bulb in, and ZZZZZZZZZ I got electrocuted! It popped and zapped after it got me, and blew out. It doesn't work, needless to say. Maybe that will learn me to listen, but I seriously doubt it!

Then, since I am a pillar of health, I have recovered nicely from the bird flu. (i have no evidence of this other than we were sick for days) WG on the other hand, got worse. He had the poops at work last night, and was shaking and freezing. You know, I don't mean to knock the poor guy, but men ARE babies! He wanted to go to the hospital! I said I'll tell you what they'd say! Clear fluids! Rest! So I left work at 9 and got him some gatorade, and pbutter crackers. Told him to drink it all, and eat it all!

Then, I left and went to get him some advil, and saltines. I made him chicken broth. I MADE him chicken broth, didn't open a can. Took his temp, gave him some advil, soup, crackers, a cold washcloth, pj's, a blankie, and a sleeping pill! (I am my mothers daughter after all) He felt better in no time. Not 100% but his fever broke cus he stopped shivering. I made him drink another glass of water, cus he isn't drinking enough! I bet he wakes up today a new man! I have faith in my nursing abilities!

So, I'm pretty proud of myself. I am not normally the best care giver. Seems I got this sickness and in health thing, down pat after all!

Today's Question:

What is the slowest realization you have come to?

Ummm, if he says he doesn't love you anymore, he probably is telling the truth! Get over it! Live in the now! lol


Rachel said...

I've been electrocuted by my hair dryer. Ouch!

Rachel said...

Oh. Slowest realization? That I'm not a good singer. I'm still realizing that.