"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, October 28, 2005

A Little Ray of Sunshine....

This is SO not a happy post!

I did a new thing due to exhaustion! I got in the tub with my t-shirt on!!! I sat down, and realized, I had my shirt on! It's always something! This is more retarded, than putting shampoo on my face, or lotion in my hair! I blame it on not being able to heat my apartment. It's so cold, I didn't want to be naked before entering the warm tub. Heat costs money. I'm saving as much of that as I can. With paying off my washer/dryer, xmas, dreams of a fantastic wedding, and 7 kids, I have no money to spare.

My drain is also clogged, it takes about an hour to drain the tub. Gotta love it!

I love to be helpful. So, I found something to help with Bubba's hump. Or, anyones hump for that matter! Its called a Zeno. You can have one too! It heats and gets rid of pimples. Hmmm..... Kids these days are gonna grow up to be such fucking wusses! They don't have to deal with anything we did. They all have dermatologists, and dentists, and stylists. I bet the geeks today are nothing like the geeks in my day.

I bet kids don't eat glue, or pick their noses. Or, use paperclips to pretend they have braces, or wear glasses. No bad perms, or big thick glasses to be made fun of. Everything is so easy for them. *Sigh*

At job #1, I got an award. We get them from our peers, for being exceptional employees. Not everyone gets them, personally, I have 5 now. Cus, I rock. (its ok to toot your own horn now and then) This one was for working on the catalog I complained about almost daily. All of us involved got one from the product manager. It's nice to be recognized.

I was recognized at job #2 also. I was written up. Why? You may ask? ATTENDANCE!! Can I first stress, that I have 5, count 'em FIVE years perfect attendance at job #1? I use my personal time for sick time. I do call off sometimes, but if I do, I use MY VACATION time. Cus, you know, I get that at my job unlike job #2.

How many days did you miss this year Mon?

9. 9 days. 6 of which, were to attend trade shows for my primary job. 3 were sick days. (well 2 were sick days 1 was a day to see 50 cent!) I know people, who miss 9 days a month!!! So, yea, I got written up. I can only laugh because its stupid. They don't give us any time off, and you earn like 1 hour every week. so it takes a month to get a 4 hour shift off. If you dont have that time, you are marked as an 'incident'. GAY! I need that stupid job though!!

I got an award, and a write up, all in the same night. WG said my karma is evened out. Ok. Sounds good to me!

I got home after a long day and night of working 2 jobs, and what do I behold? My trash can. Full at the curb. I pay 30 dollars for my freaking trash pick up! That means, I get a freaking trash can, cus I pay my trash bill. Lets remember, the neighbors have used my can before, cus their lazy assholes, who cant afford their trash bill apparently. FINE! Use your OWN trash can!!!! They give you a big ass can to use when you pay your bill. So, they decided to pack MY TRASH CAN full of THEIR TRASH!!!!

What do you do in this situation? You turn it over, dump out their fucking trash, and take your can up to your garage! I have no tolerance for that shit! I dont enjoy paying for my trash, but I am also a law abiding citizen. If they havn't moved, I'm reporting them to the trash company! I'm tired of paying for THEIR trash pick up! I suspect though, that it's just gonna be me and Tayray in the building! WE OWN THAT BITCHHHHHHHH!

Happy Halloweenie Weekend! I am going to help on a top secret 'project' for my ghost hunting group. I get to take WG along. I said, "you realize, that you have no clue what you volunteered for, right?" I personally am thrilled that he even WANTS to go. No other guy has ever taken an interest in my interest in the paranormal. Let alone, volunteer for a secret project, without knowing what the project is! We're also going to a party of Beth's friends. I am going as myself. I really would just LOVE for someone to try to steal THAT idea from me! Go ahead, and try!

There is a big game at my neighbor city tonight. Canton-McKinley and Massillon. Good luck to whomever, cus neither is my alma mater. I'm tired of hearing about it though. And, if one of those mother fucking kids smash my pumpkins, I might cry! Me and WG carved the cutest pumpkins ever! His is a wolf and mine is a cute face! I have pics for Monday viewing.

Me and Kat are gonna go see SawII Sunday. ohhhhhhhhh spoooooookey! It had better freaking rock, that is all I know!

Today's Question:

What was your favorite halloween costume?

I have never had anything spectacular as a costume. But I think my favorite just might be the time I wore my sister's Burger King uniform. That's got to be the gayest idea ever. Yet...I did it!

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MzAriez said...

In 5th grade, I was Ms. Pac-man for a local school PTA party. I made it using a large square box that I rounded all the corners and added two arm holes. I dyed a sheet and some tights bright golden yellow. After attaching the sheet over the box, I painted the face on the front to match the picture on the arcade game and put a large red Xas bow on top. I wore a cute little skirt and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes with those dyed tights. It looked pretty good except that resting a box on your head can be painful after a long while. I spent most of my time at the party without the box.
It was still a great night.

Have a great weekend!