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Friday, October 07, 2005

Divine Intervention....

So, I get a call at 11 from WG, that he wont be over for a while, Bubba was in an accident!!!! Our night supervisor called him and told him, so he called me. She was on her way to work and he was leaving work so they were in the same vicinity. Isn't that the most romantic thing ever....? Like, he genuinely cares about my best friend? Imagine THAT! So I called her, to see what happened. She was hysterical. Hyperventalating. Hard to understand. But she couldn't believe she was alive.

No one was involved but her. No one was hurt including her. All that happened to her car was she dented the rim and broke the mirror out of the holder. She hit a construction wall, and was thrown into another lane. She has a little fuckus (focus). All I can think of is that someone was looking out for her, and it is amazing that nothing bad happened to her or anyone else!!!! Thank God Bubba's OK!!! I'd have just died, but let's not think about that!

This is about the gap. Just the other day WG asked if the Gap was still around. (we will forgive him for being clueless about fashion, so long as he learns....Gap and Old Navy are like cousins, so they have to get along to love me!!)

We started talking on break at Job 2 about the Gap commercials. Don't you remember the cool Gap commercials? No, he didn't.

I was listening to my Madonna Remixed and Revisited CD last night at work, and it dawned on me, MADONNA DID A FRIGGIN' GAP COMMERCIAL! DUH!

The song is on my CD! (where'd you get them jeans?) Her and Missy Elliot. Remember? How awesome! So, that reminded me, of, the Madonna jeans! In the video, she has on these cool capri-like jeans, with studs on them, and an M on the pocket and a kick ass belt. I wanted a pair.

One day, me and Bubba sat around calling the Gaps in the phone book. She asked them if they had 'those Madonna jeans on TV'. If she didn't get the answer she wanted, she'd call back and ask again. LOL! Of course, we thought it was friggin' hilarious. One person told her they had the jeans, but they didn't come with the studs or the belt. LOL.

Ummm, then you don't have 'the Madonna jeans'! She even called Gap kids trying to find them. She is the bestest friend!

I had this useless thought yesterday. If I worked at a convenience store, or gas station, I would spend my time lighting lighters, and wasting all the fluid. Cus, apparently, someone does. You pay 2 bucks for a bic, and its half empty. You shake them all and their all like that. 2 bucks just doesn't buy you a good bic these days!!!

Good news! WG said it'll only take about 2 weeks to get divorced. Joy! My boyfriend is divorcing his wife. I so sound like a candidate for Jerry Springer!!!! I know it sounds like I am the other woman, but really, trust me, IM NOT!

And all this talk about boobs reminded me of a time when I had no boobs. So, I looked it up in my journal. I was 16. I was a string bean who thought she was a heffer, and I had no boobs.
This is my entry for that day:

"I got my dress for homecoming. It is strapless, black velvet, so pretty. It was only $90. It fits everywhere but the chest. Mom took it in for me, but it is a little loose. I met her at Clicks for a new bra. She said I needed to pad my bra. She made me get these things that look like shoulder pads. I felt like the biggest idiot, cus she knew the cashier of course. I could have died from embaressment."

My mom...is famous for embaressing me. One day I will post all about that. But, she always talks to strangers.

"That's what I do for a living" she would say.

But, who woulda thought I'd have no boobs. Those were the days. I also was sickly and not healthy so I guess I'll take my boobs over that any day. Another thing, who the hell pays $90 for a dress? I would never do that now! But, when you are 16 it's ok? You do think differently when you are young! My poor mom! I remember crying cus I had to have my dress when I was 15, and I remember, it was $176. I wonder what dresses cost these days?

I also talked to my brother last night. We're gonna go see the new Fog in a couple weeks after work. I can't wait! I love the original, but the new one has like, believable fog and stuff!

I bought Season 1 of Lost yesterday....I am officially addicted, seeing how I only got a 20 hr paycheck from my second job, and it was 1/2 of what it normally is so I am poor now. But, while I'm poor, I will be watching Lost! And I watched the bonus DVD. It was neat! Im gonna start them over this wknd. It was interesting how the story came about. Feeding your addiction is fun!

Today's Question:

What would you find hardest about being in prison?

MMMM...No TV. I'd say no sex, but I'm pretty sure I could find some woman to satisfy my needs. AHHHHHHHHHH! Desperate times man! Desperate times!!!!


hot for jr. said...

I'm glad Bubba is OK!!! I'd post that on her blog too if I could. Since I'm not a fellow blogger, I can't.

Mon said...

she doesn't update her blog. She is not a true blogger. She just wants to be cool like the rest of us. lol.

heatherkins said...

i am dying dying laughing! i remember the madonna jean incident! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg that was so funny!!!! I was bitching out the one lady saying what am i going to tell my kid she keeps asking for these madonna jeans! hahahahhahahahhaa
Ps. I am too a blogger! I juat am a slow blogger.
blog ... b....