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Friday, October 14, 2005

I Dream Of....

I have this in my side bar. I think it goes overlooked. What a person writes in their blog is their business. No one forces you to read it. There is an old saying that goes a little something like:
"You made your bed, now lie in it" Sucks to see that you are an ass sometimes, but thats life. I always change the names to protect the (not so) innocent! Bite Me!

So, I have posted a while ago, that ever since moving out of TWDSO house, that I have not had my recurring dream of losing my teeth. I had it all the stinking time.

Their always vivid, and I always remember them detail for detail. It starts with a loose tooth, then it falls out. My mouth is filled with blood, which I can taste too. I even feel the rough part under your tooth, like when its loose and you cant stop tonguing it. Then, they come faster, another, and another. And, I also lose mouthfuls of them, they get stuck in my mouth, and I spit mouthfuls of them out with blood into my hands. I always think, please dont let the front ones fall out, cus I am terrified of the dentist in real life too. And I figure I can hide losing all but those. lol.

This past weekend, I had that dream again. Twice. This, after finding out that my future is indeed solid with WG. You would think, it would be a reason NOT to have those dreams.

My book at home says it is a fear of losing control.

I told WG about them, and he said that it is a good thing, because when you share your life with someone you have to give up some control. He said there are things he wants or likes to do that he knows he can't do anymore and that is part of our life together. I guess that made me feel a little better, but I still dreamt it again!!

Here are a few other descriptions of what this dream means:

Loss of one's teeth, then, signifies fear of castration or of complete failure in life, or inhibition; it represents an attitude which is the inversion of that of the Primitive, who acceording to the findings of anthropology, commonly adorned himself with the teeth and claws of conquered animals. Some interpretations underline the significance of teeth in respect of the sexual aspect of energy.
Dreams of teeth, in general, are often about your fears of being embarrassed, or having an action or behavior that you're not proud of revealed to other people. If your teeth are rotten, crooked, and/or falling out this could mean that a lie, however small, may be hurting someone and you will soon be found out. Or, if you are keeping a secret, you may subconsciously be scared of having it revealed.
Teeth often represent decisions, therefore problems with teeth may represent long-standing indecisiveness or an inability to assimilate, analyze or make decisions about incoming data. Losing teeth may represent an identity crisis, ugly gossip or talking too much.
Dreams of teeth are generally assumed to have sexual significance.If the dream teeth stand for sexual potency, then they also symbolize aggressive tendencies. Teeth which fall out can be seen as a symbol of general loss of potency.

Ok, so the one that says a loss of sexual potency, really sucks ass! Who knows WTF it means. But I still think it is so weird, that we can all have the same dreams. If you get me started on how and why we are all here I'll never shut up. It amazes me that we can be so different, and so similar! It scares me cus I have been tooth dream free for like 8 months. And I have been dream free for a couple months. (I don't remember them and normally I do I have a really wacked out dream journal) And now, I remember the crappy ass losing my teeth dreams, that I always associated with bad.

I updated my amazon wish list yesterday. I have like 7 pages, and 180 some items. I want a lot of things. But, I use it mostly for me, so I remember what I want. I am the one who buys off of it. Now, you can have a profile at amazon. It told me to make one....so I did. I put my smiling face on there, and wrote about my life, and how im happy, and how WG and me are gonna get married (unofficially, official). When I saved it, it said you have 2 amazon friends. I said I DO?
One was my sister, and one was TWDSO. I laughed. So, I clicked on his name, and there I am, as one of HIS friends, and theres my big smiling mug! He'll have to look at me if he ever gets in his profile, to delete me. Sweet satisfaction.

How's thing's goin' for ya TWDSO? Still a big self-important manager of a stupid cell phone store? Thought so. I shouldn't be mean. But, I'll never forgive him for being too pussy to dump me. But--I thank him. Because now, I found the love of my life!!!!

Speaking of....we are going on a cruise Sunday for Sweetest Day. We are 'brunching' on the Nautica Queen. It's our first real 'dinner date'. And, this is WG's horoscope today....

If this isn't the right time to propose permanence, cohabitating or maybe even The M Word to the person you adore ... well, there just may not be a better one. That said, why not be brave, be willing to get those feelings out and let your loved one know that you're no longer thinking in terms of 'occasional,' 'casual,' or 'informal.' You're thinking that it's time to start making a lot more reservations for a party of two. Period. Why not get their opinion on that subject over your first two-party dinner?

Today's Question:

When did you have the MOST fun in your life?

Tough one, but I'll pick the time period after dating Z and before dating TWDSO...me and Beth were single gals, and went out all the time. Many a night was spent on my nice, cold, tile bathroom floor back them!!!! Those were the dayyyyyyyyys! Back when I use to still go to the clubs.


Anonymous said...

High School! Definately!

MzAriez said...

Most fun....almost anytime I am with my best friend, Kel. We always find a way to get into something or locked out of something...including this country...lol. If she couldn't be there...I would have to say Cedar Point.