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Thursday, October 20, 2005

...And Found....

Ok, so before I get to this week's episode, here is a little bit from season 1 that I found important after seeing the whole show.

There is a lot of talk about birthdays with various people, asking when's your birthday. Perhaps they are all the same sign.

When Jack has drinks with Ana Lucia before their flight, she seems to know an awful lot about him. She says to him, the hard part is over. When they part. They discussed his dad dying, so did she mean the hard part with his death is over? Or, is Jack dead? Are they a plane full of dead people? LOL!

What is it with kids on the island? Danielle (frenchwoman) had to kill her daughter 'the sickness' got to her. She tried to steal the baby from Claire, thinking it would bring 'the others'. Then, 'the others' took Walt away. Maybe something only affects the children on the island?

The more times I watch the episodes with the monster, the more it sounds fake. Even Danielle said it is a security system to protect 'the island'. I think it is obvious that pushing the button has to do with a security measure. If they don't push it, what could happen?

At the end of season 1 when the 'others' take Walt, in the scenes with the men on the boat, it appears to be snowing. Not on the islanders, but on the others. They mentioned earlier the only body of land near them was Antartica...could they be in a protected biosphere? And when they said that they crashed on a plane, the guy seemed uninterested. "A plane huh?"

Locke has more to do with this whole thing than anyone. I wondered if there was a link with all of them to Hurley. Hurley owned all these companies, one of which, being the box company that Locke worked for.

Claire and the psychic, who told her she had to take her baby to LA to give it up...he has to know more than he let on. He has to have known the plane would go down. Maybe he knew she would die? Maybe their all dead? Theories...Theories....

I'm interested if this will have any supernatural qualities, since most 'paranormal' activities can be explained by strong magnetic pulls. I watched a ton of shows on this, due to my interest in ghosts. Most situations in hauntings were recreated with strong electromagnetic force. Things breaking, moving, floating.

I read in the msg boards, that in the season 2 episode where Hurley is eating the food, there is a picture of Walt on a Milk carton. Now, I remember watching carefully, and missing it. I saved it to re-watch though.

This explains the strange time lapse. How Jack was running with Desmond, and then Desmond has been on the island for years. How? How is Walt missing? And how did he appear on a milk carton on that island? I also saw on a website, a flight tag from Jack's Luggage. Dated 9/21/09......Weird! Weird! Weird!

I also wonder, was the mental patient, that kept repeating the numbers, where Hurley heard them, by chance, the man who was with Desmond, and died??? It wouldnt make sense time-wise, but considering other time lapses...at this point, anything is possible!
Last nights Episode....
Well nothing really stuck out in my head from last night, except that it gave me chills when 'the others' went walking by in the jungle! I wonder if they are ghosts?

Why wont the tail end lost folks, talk about their experiences? Yea, I guess there wouldn't be a show then! But you catch my drift! I don't even get what the back story on Sun and Jin had to do with anything....?

3 week hiatus? Did you catch that it wont be on for 3 weeks??????


Lindsey said...

yes i'm so angry about the 3 weeks!! ugh..what am i going to do...but one thing that stuck out is how they said that the others cover their tracks. they might be some sort of ghost because they don't have tracks. i need to get season one so i can look back at all this stuff.

Mon said...

It definately helps! I heard there is some hidden pop ups that show clues on the dvd, but I'm too dumb to find them apparently!

Lindsey said...

Hmmmm i might have to make that investment... :-) i'll probably watch the repeats just to see if i missed anything