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Monday, October 31, 2005

All About Forensics!...

I like forensics. If I were smart in math and science, I would go into pathology. But, I'm not, so I'll settle for playing one on TV, er, watching it on TV.

I like the forensic files. Not the crappy stupid-ass CSI shit that is on TV. I like the real deal. The show might be based on actual cases, but they fluff it up with "humor" (i use this term loosley) and "acting". It's gay! WG likes them, millions of Americans do, I do not. And, since my opinion matters more, thats all that is important!

But, lately there has been a marathon on court tv. I like those, and the ones on A&E and HBO. It's like reality TV, probably why I like it.

This is how I know, that Ohio has the highest number of serial killers, and psychopaths. 1 in 2 shows is about someone in Ohio. I think that it gives people ideas on how to not have a sloppy murder case. I told WG if he wants to cheat on me, he better just leave me. Cus, if he kills me he will be sorry. Then, I say, if you cheat on me, I'll kill you. I'll make your life hell, you know, idle threats.

Maybe I should shut up cus if faced with death, or killing someone, most people would kill someone else. That night, we were snuggling close face to face in bed. He was breathing his hot air in my face.

Me: "Are you trying to kill me?"
WG: "What?"
Me: "I'm having a hard time breathing your hot expelled air"
WG: "I'm keeping us warm"
Me: "sure, I think you're trying to kill me"
WG: "how is that trying to kill you?"
Me: "because you have sucked all the oxygen out of the air, and you are blowing your old air right in my face, forcing me to breathe it"
WG: "I don't think that'll kill you"
Me: "you've thought about it?"
WG: "no, and there is still oxygen in my air"
Me: "maybe, but not enough, with time, it would kill me, like if I fell asleep and breathed it all night I might not wake up"
WG: "I'm not trying to kill you"
Me: "you better not or I'll kill you"

Probably not a good idea to watch forensic files, cus I'm all about conspiracy theories. I always think someone is out to get me! I had a nice nights sleep after that. He didn't try to kill me. I told him I don't have much insurance money, and he'd have to pay my bills when we're married.

So, the secret project on Saturday, was actually a ghost hunt. It was awesome! A great opportunity to investigate this place! It was called Lakewood Manor. It was lake something. I think Lakewood. It was in Macedonia. There was the manor house, the servants house, a couple barns, and grounds with a lake. They reported hearing voices, and footsteps, and doors opening and closing when they have been renovating the house. We took some EVP's on someone else's recorder. I don't know if they found anything on ours, but they did find one on another girls, when she asked if anyone was there, a voice said slowly "I AM". Won't know much until the pictures come in and the video is reviewed. But a few people have reported seeing a door open/close in the bathroom. WG and I witnessed this, but felt nothing. It was obviously the way it sat, because every time you opened it it closed, nothing ghostly. There was another small door that people said opened. So they set up a video there too.

It was really, only my second official time hunting with the group. I did go to a bonfire before, and of course, Mansfield Prison. There was a girl there who 'communicated' with a girl named Mary. The people from the historical society were there to keep an eye on things, and they said the housekeepers name was mary. So, that was interesting. I was really excited that WG enjoyed himself. Because, this is my thing. I am really interested in this stuff, and he took an active interest in it!

Today's Question:

What is the most beautiful sight you have ever seen?

I think the prettiest thing, is in the fall, right now. The red, yellow, and orange leaves, against a clear blue sky, is the most beautiful thing to see. It makes me appreciate the life I have been given.

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momma said...

Aside from my beautiful babies, I think the most beautiful site is the Charlie Swaab mansion in Loretta Pa. He was a self made millionaire from the steel business and died a poor man.. The monks live on the estate now.