"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Melrose Place....

So, How cool is this...

I live in an apt building, that only has 4 apts. in it. Upstairs/downstairs apts w/an attached garage. It's up on a hill w/woods out back. Not in a complex of any type.

That's cool enough. But how cool is it to have a good friend be your direct neighbor? Pretty cool! Especially late night drunken knocking in the shower after the Bier Haus! lol. Get good and liquered up, and stumble next door, see yaaaaaa!!!1

Well the other apt. on the end has been open. We took it upon ourselves (Tayray and I) to hide the for rent sign one night after drinking. We just threw it in the bushes, so it would look like maybe the grass cutting folks did it. It wasn't an easy task, but we were up for it!

We wanted someone we know to live there. Cus nothing would be worse than having us 2 on the 'cool side' and have some old crotchity beyatch move in and tell us to be quiet all the time!

It's been hidden for at the very least, a month.

Now, it's rented. A girl at works son, is moving in. He's around my age. Now, if we could just get those pesky neighbor's of Tayray's to move out, we could own that bitch!! I never want to move, it's the most fun ever!

We don't have a nice pool like they did on Melrose, but Tayray does have a pool out back. Of course, Rocky Road spends his days hogging it up. So, if you don't mind swimming w/him, your good to go!

And, we don't have a landlord as pretty as Heather Locklear, but our landlord also doesn't live with us, and steal our boyfriends like she did on the show either. Nor, does she work with us in her super short skirts. Which, is a bonus. (good thing cus the landlord shouldn't wear short anything)

We've got plenty of old fashioned drama... Our own drunken antics, and sexcapades. Wait until it snows (which you'd NEVER see on Melrose) and we get to sledding down our driveway! We so need our own damn TV show!

Work was ok last night. The guy with tourettes moved into the general population, but behind a closed door. You can still hear him whooooooooooo-ing. and "Bitch"-ing all night. Which at times is funny because he will go from a happy scream of whooooooo to a mean yell of Bitch. He is always in a pleasant mood though. Never met a more positive person in my life, thats for sure!

There is this other lady shes a bigger lady, and she has a chain around her neck, that has links about 2" wide. It is like a dog chain, for a rottweiler. Attached to that is a grappeling hook thing of keys, and there has got to be about 20 keys on it. It looks like they lock her up somewhere to be honest. She is slow too, so thats sad.

Well, I had my carpets cleaned about 3 wks ago, and already my dog has managed to piss on it 4 times that I have found. I lock her ass up all day in the laundry room in case she pees so i can wipe it up. I know she cant hold it for 14 hours while im working. So I put her in there. Which isn't good enough for her, cus when i get home she has to pee on the floor in the middle of the night then. So, I barricade her in the bedroom. She still manages to get out and pee. I'm seriously considering diapers. She use to wake me up at night to go outside. Now, she just pisses where she pleases. It is hard work keeping up w/all my pets as it is. Without her pissing everywhere! GRRRRR~ As I like to say........Cleaning piss is my THIRD job!

Today's Question:

What is the worst word anyone has ever used to describe you?

This is funny, cus I have been called everything you can imagine in my life. I suffered a TON of emotional abuse. But the one thing that sticks with me after all this time, was being called boring. BORING! An ex said I am boring. ME! Sitting around, smoking weed, popping pills, staring at walls, and playing video games with 5 of your friends from 10am to 12am each day, while spending all the money you make in a day, is far from boring...cus, thats what he did. I was boring cus I didn't want to sit there, and go have fun with my own friends. He used it as an excuse to never spend time alone w/me. Ass!


Tayray said...

Im right there in the same boat with you, i have been called just about everything in the world, emotionally abused as well, but the one thing that sticks out is that i was fat and ugly and would end up alone, and im too much of a tomboy, so no boy will ever want to date me. I part of me starting think that he was right cuz im having the shittiest luck ever!!
And yes being neighbors is kick ass, its only going to get better!

Mon said...

well, that just means that when you finally find the one you will know it! look at me! That person brings out the best in you, and builds you up. You just keep kissing frogs. If you weren't so afraid of toads, you might find your prince!!!

the blonde 1 said...

Ok so Tayray what kind of dog do you have? I saw the picture and it looks just like my dog. Color wise and everything. The kicker is his name is Rocky, too. Rocky Road happens to be the same nickname I use for him as well. I had seen in the past that Mon had mentioned your dog's name was Rocky but now that I have seen a picture. How cute is he?!

tayray said...

Rocky is half black lab and chow. Weighs about 70-75 pounds!!!

Mon said...

(Ahem: I take full credit for nicknaming rocky road. thank you...thank you...)

the blonde 1 said...

That will explain why they look so much alike. My dog is half golden retriever and half chow. He is black w/highlights! I tried to put a picture of him on here but I couldn't.
Mon, am I able to put a picture of him up here?