"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 03, 2005


I do not understand how there are people in this world who live day to day, with no sleep whatsoever. I get very little sleep normally...but I cannot function properly, with 1 nights complete unrest! I didn't feel 100% yesterday. I had a billion things to get done w/pets and food and cleaning. Plus a hangover and sore body from puking Sat. night.
Then I napped most of the evening with WG and then, couldn't sleep a wink last night. I. was. up. every. hour. on. the. hour. tick tock tick tock. I'd toss, and turn, and sweat and freeze, and get up, and pee, and smoke, and read, and go to bed, and toss, and turn, and sweat, and freeze....All night. I woke up in a pretty foul mood.

I won't blame WG. Even though, he was jerking, sweating, talking, and grinding his teeth a lot. I kept kicking him to shut him up. I didn't hurt him. I sat up a lot of the time wondering what it was he was trying to say in his sleep, but it was mumbling. I thought I heard him say "No" once. Then I thought, he told me he grinds his teeth when somethings bothering him. So I kept thinking he was keeping something from me. And, that bothered me.

Camping was a lot of fun! I partied out about 1am though. Got sick a few times. But I did drink like a champ from about 4pm-1am. I even saw some action Sat night. LOL. I wasn't too sick for that. We were warm and toasty in our tent.

We had about 16 people or so camping with us. Jesus himself came to visit us. Only, I don't think Jesus would masquerade around in a skirt, with some chick who talks like his girlfriend, then says she is his daughter, not biologically. She said Jesus wasn't the only one who liked to dress up in women's clothes. Her duty for the evening was to tell everyone how horrible a marshmallow is. They are NOT biodegradable! Can you even believe we ingest such things????

These people just showed up, and stayed all day and night at camp, ate everyones food, drank everyones drink. Moochers. If you had a drink they'd ask you what you were drinking. I might go to hell for not sharing. But I also don't think that Jesus would smoke Kool's.

We were sitting by the lake, me, WG, Tayray, Bubba, and Bubba's man. WG said out of nowhere, that 1 in like 11 people is a serial killer and we were camping with 15. Mind you, we're in this big ass park, with maybe 10 other sites full in the whole place. So, we were secluded. I got freaked out and thought, someone was going to die, it just had an eerie feeling. I thought someone would fall off the ledges into the lake. I made a funny movie, its like the opening scene of a horror film. I watch far too many scarey movies. (BTW: The new Amityville Horror comes out on DVD Tomorrow!!!!! excellent remake!)

So all night, we thought the hippie Jesus was going to kill someone in their sleep. And, it was a running joke with us. They lived off the land. Flippin' tree huggers, they called them. ha hah a!

I dunno if I mentioned lately that I love my boyfriend. I woke up in a foul mood and by foul I mean I am clearly irrational. He just calms me down. He doesn't get mad at me. He is helpful to me and then I feel fine. I don't know how he does it, but its nice! I am not use to it at all!

It was really pretty where we went camping. I wish the leaves started to turn already. There was a cat, and 3 babies. You know I was in heaven. The cat was the sweetest thing ever! I was kind of nervous for being around 2 of TWDSO friends I hadn't seen since "the break up" but they were really cool, and were even nice to WG. No incidents. Bonus!

Sunday brought 2 dead car batteries. WG got 2 SUV's jumped w/his little thunderbird. My dad would've been proud of the Ford in action!

WG called me a name for the first time! He said I was being a whench! Cus I wanted to take some free freaking firewood, cus we have fires. I pay $5 for a little bundle of wood, and we could have all this free wood and he said no. So I persisted and thats when he said it. I told him I'd load it myself but damn! I've been a whench and he was unphased, but when I simply made sense, he thought I was acting that way. Men! Strange Creatures they are!

My bunnies have moved in together!! It's official! They had their first overnight stay together last night! No injuries! I think it may be a match made in heaven!

I watched Invasion this wknd. It was sort of like this book I read by Dean Koontz. The Taking.
In that book, the rain comes one night, and is...different. It brings the fucking aliens (as I call them). In Invasion, a hurricane brings them into the water. Surely, no one would be out in a hurricane, watching aliens land in the water! Some people were in the water all night, and their 'different'. Creepy. Aliens scare me, because I know their out there! I know it! Check out a video clip here. Of course, there is commercials, cus you cant even go to the movies w/o them these days. Scroll down and pick the Invasion video.

Today's Question:

What was the hardest test you've ever taken?

Hard, no. Long wait, yes. Being tested for STD's after your husband cheats on you and says he 'tried' to use condoms. Nice.


Anonymous said...

The hardest test for me was not even knowing I was being tested.

Mon said...

That sounds like some alien shit! Their out there!