"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Love Boat....

We've been pretty much doing nothing, but watching Lost. WG has finally admitted he is powerless over its addictiveness! There is a LOT you see when you go back and rewatch the season! A ton of stuff, that I'm like, now, after seeing it all, they make sense, at the time it seemed useless! Again, great writing! Love it!

Saturday I went shopping with Kat. She gave me these bezel set garnet earrings.....which match the leverback garnet earrings she gave me before! Yea, i said GAVE! Loves it! I took their picture. We went to Hartville and wanted to hock some stuff but they weren't buying. Of course, we looked at all the sparklie diamonds. It's nice to have dreams. We visited her necklace in layaway. It's really pretty, really expensive! There is a beautiful tanzenite ring I want there, for 300. Some day I'll put it in layaway! Forever! She said you can have it in as long as you want to!

Yesterday, we took a cruise on the love boat. Well, that's what they called it when we were on board. They also played the gilligans island song which wasn't funny. It was freezing cold yesterday, the sun came out for approximatly 15 min and we got to go up top and enjoy it. It was really romantic! The people who worked there were super nice. The food was awesome! Even though, WG wouldn't eat his cheesecake. (he doesn't know what real cheesecake is, he likes the pudding crapola) We danced. We have no proof cus WG asked the DJ to take pics, but didn't turn my camera on first. LOL. He taught some people how to do the boot scoot boogie, which was entertaining. There was a wedding reception on the boat, a small one. Their song was what he wants our song to be. I'm holding out for Edwin though. But...we'll see.

We had to go to Tayray's about 10:30 last night, 'something' was in her laundry room. It was quiet. She said it was in the dryer hose, and she turned the dryer on. WG pulled the tube off, and out fell a cute little mole, all disoriented, half dead. He boxed him and I set him free. Basically I set him free to die. I felt bad for it, he was cute. Tayray, ran out of the room when it fell out of the tube! ha ha! She is afraid of toads too, so can't blame her!

We discussed our official co-habitating date. Which will be Nov. 18th wknd. I can't believe it's happening! One thing I don't understand is why men think it is their job to decorate? Obviously, this is up to the woman! A man should get a 'room' or an 'area' but not an entire house. And trying to mesh our styles will not work, their totally different. I'm old, antique, americana...maybe a smidge country. He likes indian stuff. To me, this is tacky. He isn't happy with putting it all in a room either. I dealt with a Star Wars house, I guess I'll get over it. Everyone knows I have impeccable taste, and that its not my stuff!

Then I got PMS which ruins most good things, so by the end of the night, I felt like complete crap, and felt unloved. For no reason. But, thats the nature of my evil hormones at work. I'm depressed, that's me!

I came in to work 1/2 a day cus we both got sick. I dunno from what, maybe from the food? It tasted good going down! Even my eyeballs hurt. WG is spose to come get my car and fix it. It is really messed up and it scares me to drive it. It's scraping bad, the brakes. Even when I'm not pressing the brakes, plus the front wheel rattles. Yea, I use to love my car. For about 1 1/2 years, but lately I hate her. I just know it'll be something WG can't fix cus thats my luck. Xmas, washer needs paid, and something major will undoubtedly go wrong with my car!

I'm so burned out working 2 jobs. I can't stand it anymore. Of course, I can totally stand the money, and again, this is probably just the PMS talking.

I don't FEEL good. Everyone thought I got engaged. Newsflash.......I'd be on the phone telling everyone it happened, I wouldnt' just be quiet and not come to work! C'mon! This is ME we are talking about!

Today's Question:

I really wanna know how people deal with men wanting to decorate their homes!


Rachel said...


A starling flew into our dryer hose once. I thought it was a rat with all the scratching! We called an exterminator. It was fine, just frightened. We got it to fly out the window back to the great outdoors.

Men want to decorate your home? Wow! I'd love a man to help me decorate. Usually, Jason just rolls his eyes. He'd rather watch paint dry.

Mon said...

I dunno If I mentioned....tacky decorating? lol.

Oh I'm glad the bird got away fine! I felt so bad for that little mole!

Lindsey said...

i'd have to say that my car is a piece and i loved it for about a year and half too then it started falling apart. and once it starts it doesn't stop everything is going to ugh i want a new car so bad got another 2 years though.

Mon said...

so far, I have been lucky in that WG has been able to do all the work thats wrong.