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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Lost Today!...

Ok, so, what is going on with this show now?
You think you learn something, then, you get more questions!

I liked the back story on Hurley and how he won the lottery. (loved the guy from Road Trip being on too)

I wonder what on earth is going to happen with the 'others' now? Are they all from the same flight? Or, are they from different times? I know the one guy was the husband of a woman on the beach with the original lost people. But were they all on the plane? If so, why is that one dude dressed up like he is in a tribe?

And still, who took Walter? Havn't seen those people around! If they are all dead, and they are in purgatory, maybe Walter wasn't dead. He was there communicating, cus he is psychic.

One of the writers in the bonus DVD said he was psychic. I didn't know what to call it. But you know, he read the polar bear comic, polar bear came. A bird died too, when he saw it on the island. Maybe the people that took Walter, were people from this time period, you know, come back to life Walter! And he is gone from the island, meaning, that alternate universe?

I read a book similar once. I loved it. About death being a parallel universe. It goes on like here, only certain people arent here, they died. Their in another world without us, thinking we died. If you get into it, it can be pretty deep people!

So, I still think Walter can communicate through his dog. Only because I like to predict things and have them be true, then I feel way smart!

Sooooo....anyone got any ideas whats going on yet? ha ha ha! Seems like there are a lot of new people on the show. I think they will probably mostly die, or be killed. That is too many people.
I did the math, there is around 60 people, with the 2 groups. And, there may be more.

But the question is still.....

Why did the others capture Jin? Tie him up? Why did they put the guys that escaped in that hole? Who the hell do they think they are?

And why did Sun bury the messages in the bottle? To let everyone have false hopes? I bet she is gonna get it on with someone else, and her husband will be pissed when he gets back.
But, I'm just trying to stir up some sex on the show. It's only a matter of time before the girls start calling the shots. Cus, the men seem to be outnumbered. If they wanna be gettin any....they'll be nice!

WG tried to get me to not watch the new Lost cus he isnt up to date. I told him that I had a public that counted on my thoughts. I had to watch it! So, don't disappoint me, and let me know what you think about the show. Save my rep!


Lindsey said...

I knew that the bernard (rose's husband) was still alive some where too. I still dont' quite no about walter. You can't stop watching Lost! I do look forward to your comments every thursday. I was kinda disapointed that jin actually didn't speak english and it was just a dream. that could have made it interesting. Thats all i really have for now. can't wait for next week. :-)

Mon said...

We just watched the episode with sun and jins flashback, and i watched CAREFULLY to see if they spoke english, and they did not. someone said before that they did.
WG wanted me to wait til he caught up to watch it, i dont think soooo!

the blonde 1 said...

Ok so I feel asleep and didn't see all of it! Sorry! But I do know that the new girl, Michelle Rodriguez (real name) was on the plane. Her and Jack had a drink at the bar in the airport before getting on the plane. It all came back to me last night. I hope they will show an encore presentation of last night's episode b/c I missed most of it.

Mon said...

oh oh oh new clues new clues! You missed a good one! Ack! I get confused, watching season 1, and then keeping up with the new ones. Like, I spilled the beans about the virus to WG last night. When he really doesnt know about it yet...

Lurker said...

truth be told I came out of lurking for the lost posts! I personally think their in purgatory. This weeks episode was really interesting, I think that something big is about to happen.