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Monday, May 01, 2006

Change of Plans...

Psssssst......5 more days, until Edwin comes to Cleveland!!!!!

This weekend. I was suppose to go to the zoo with Bubba and her fiance, and CP. It was a beautiful day. My hair appointment wasn't done until 3, and she called to tell me the zoo closed at 4. Huh? What the fuck kind of zoo, closes at 4? On a Saturday? So, while we were looking forward to the zoo all freaking month, we didn't get to go!

So, instead we got drunk. We went to the pizza buffet, where CP made friends with some old lady, ala my mother's style. Then we got beer and had a fire at Bubba's. We played a drinking game, which I havn't done in YEARS. You had to do rhymes, sentences, and rules. We laughed our asses off. Bubba made the rule that whenever you drank you had to say poop, which is really funny when your drunk. Then CP said we couldn't laugh after, or we had to drink, which ended in a vicious cycle of pffft'ing, pooping, laughing, drinking, drinking from laughing, laughing from drinking. And, before you knew it me and CP downed our 12 coronas.

We got home fairly early, when I tried to get CP to give it up in the yard. I was trying pretty hard too mind you. Then it happened. I got shot down. I got an emphatic NO! Something about that didn't sit well with me! When does a man say no? It's never happened to me before. Ever. I suppose the first time is the hardest, cus I tried to watch a movie, and ignore the fact that my fiance didn't want to give it up the goods. That didn't work. I left with the intention of finding Bethie who had called me earlier in the night to see what I was doing. I didn't get very far when I had to argue with CP via cell phones. What a wonderful night. Especially having not spent much time together last week.

It ended up good, I got me some, but I just call it pity sex. Whatever it was, it was good for me. There was some more friction yesterday between us that lasted maybe an hour. No one likes to know what a bitch they can be. That's me. Bitch. Commandor of the Bitch brigade. It happens. I know this about me. Sometimes it rears its ugly head! Then the evening ended pretty well. I made us grilled veggies, rice, cheese, and ranch dressing in a burrito wrap. It's kinda like Chipotle. Cus I rock.

We ate outside and watched the birds. In true old fart fashion. I have a woodpecker! "Woody" I call him, cus I'm all about being original! He is eating my suet. He'd peck at the stuff, then he would climb the tree, like a friggin squirrel. On his two birdie legs round and round and upside down on the tree. I never saw one in real life before. I was mezmerized! Then he'd peck peck peck at the tree.

Damn squirrel, chewed up my $30 birdfeeder I've had for years!!! Copper top finally starting to be pretty. This morning? My other feeder is all jacked up. I love squirrels, but not when they are destructive. It's gonna be war!!!!

This morning I woke up with him touching my face, and my hair, and my back, and my butt and my legs, it was so relaxing, and so gentle. Sure didn't wanna get up and come to work at all. I coulda stayed in bed! I was up late watching all the shows. Isn't Grey's Anatomy the fucking bomb? I cannot believe the previews for next week!!!! Derek calling meredith a whore? Jealous much? That was classic when he took the dog to the vet, and she was there! I love my television programs!

I'm posting this link for my friend Katie. Nothing like going from drunken arguments over sex, to a woodpecker, to TV, and now here's some genocide! Check it out if you want to help. I see, yet another dipshit thing the president is ignoring? I dunno.

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nancycle said...

Edwin? Edwin!

You wouldn't be talking about Eye Mother Earth's Edwin are you???