"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, May 08, 2006

Coming Down....

I'm just coming down from the weekends festivities. My Edwin high. Friday night I went out. Like, to an actual bar, that wasn't the Beir Haus. I met Bubba and CP at On Tap for Karaoke. I didn't sing of course, I was out of my element. CP did. We only stayed a couple of hours. When we got home, we broke in the hood of CP's car. Yea, I said it! It's about time I got some semi-public action, it's almost been a year for us. Luckily Tayray was out still, and the other neighbors have kids. No lights on!

Saturday I sent CP away a few hours I had stuff to do for our evening at the hotel. I got us a picinic and made all the food up for us. I was sidetracked too, cus Edwin was on the radio, raising money for the Animal Protective League. See why we are so destined to be together? So I was stuck in my car for an hour. He sang live, and talked about saving the animals. *swoon*

I sucessfully tricked CP, since he had never been to the House of Blues before, it was easy. I told him at the hotel that I took a wrong turn, but then he asked if we were staying there. And said he didn't have any clothes or anything. I packed all that stuff. I was on top of things! We had our picinic lunch, and ended up taking a nap, cus we're freaking old. We slept until 7 and left shortly after. Of course there were TWO opening acts. Which is always the case, when you think you may have just got there on time to see the hottie. We were suppose to meet some fans but we got there late, and the one girl said she had a sign, but I didn't see a sign!

We were about 4 people back from the stage. Which is awesome! They put on a really great show. CP danced with me to "I'll Be" it was romantic. A huge change from my previous company at Edwin Concerts. The shining moment of the night was that CP got me a guitar pic. After I had just said they neeeever throw them near me! It's way cool, it looks just like their new album cover, and of course it says EDWIN! CP held my purse for me. Yes, he did. He put it on his arm for a while, then he put it under his coat. But two women said he rocked cus of it. Yea, he's pretty thoughtful. It didn't scare him that he was wearing my gucci knock off purse!

I had to explain the proper concert etiquette to CP. Which was to stay close, I was moving up to the front. From this point on (when we got our prime standing spot) we have to separate, one of us has to stay in this spot at all times. He was all over it. He got the beer. And peed for both of us! I didn't make it the whole time, and he started to sing 'Sign on the Door' which is my theme song in life. I ran back. After having to wipe with a toilet seat cover OUCH, (no TP, no time to mess around!) and not washing my hands. I'd sacrifice anything for that man! I called my sister as is customary. She didn't answer so I let him sing on her VM.

The only bad thing about it is that about 50 people had their digital cameras. Mine? Was in the trunk of CP's car. He took it to the bar Friday. I knew I'd forget the fucking thing. No edwin videos or pics to post. Better luck next time!!!!!

It only took us about 7 minutes to get to the hotel. (I live 50 min from Cleveland) We popped the champagne and had a private celebration. You know, I'll admit it was nice to not have a dog growling and snorting while you are trying to get it on. Or have to pick cat hairs out of our mouths. I did miss the little babies though. I was up til 3am, and didn't sleep more than an hour at a time. We got our free breakfast the next morning. I was exhausted! We headed home and got some mulch. I mulched my flower beds, and CP sat with me. We both observed the birds, which I have now decided isn't something that makes me old. Thankyouverymuch! The newest birds looked like blue jays but more gray, maybe female blue jays? One that looks like an oriel, and finches! Yellow finches, its the first time I've seen them at my house this year!

There is also a chipmunk who comes to fill his cheeks up with seeds, and a big brown rabbit!!! I decided I'm never moving unless I can have a house near the woods. I love all the nature! It's so peaceful to sit out in the sun and listen to all the different bird songs.

Back to reality. Blah. 16 working days of job 2 left. Which figures cus when we got home Billy was sick. She wouldn't move. She wouldn't even eat CHEESE. Her favorite thing in the universe. Tayray watched the pets for me, she said she was like that Saturday night too. Kids!! So I made her rice and boiled chicken. CP offered to go get beef for her. I remember when the dog was sick at TWDSO house, how pissed he got that I made food for the dog. "I can't believe your cooking for the dog and not me" maybe the dog isn't an asshole. Cha ching! So we'll see how the dog does. She has bad allergies, and it is allergy season. And she's eating and drinking. I'll wait it out. It just figures that she'd get sick, since I'm quitting my second job. Scared. To. Death


Tayray said...

The noises are cool during the day sitting outside, but not at night when you are alone.

hot for jr. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I enjoyed my own personal concert Edwin gave me, though with the crappy connection we've had lately with our cell phones, it took me a minute to figure out what he was singing. I was in the other room watching DALE JR WIN THE RACE SATURDAY NIGHT!!! It was cool and about damn time!!! he was soo happy.

supplymadam said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I got my Jones Beach concert tickets. We have 3 concerts to look forward to this summer. Not the best linepo but hey it's Jones Beach. The Goo-Goo Dolls because John Reznick is just the cutest guy I've ever seen. They are with the Counting Crows. We are also going to the Black Crowes and Huey Lewis.
I have to tell you that I cook for my dog because no matter what dog food he eats it makes him puke and he won't eat all dry food so I mix either ground turkey or ground chicken with his hard food and of course he gets a crushed up vitamin with it to ensure he gets proper nutrients. This is my 3rd dog and each one gets more and more spoiled.

Mon said...

Tayray: I think that's a NJ Devil that lives in our woods. I dunno why, but I think it sounds good.

Hot for Jr: I left you a nice msg! Pst. Edwin loves the animals!!

Supplymadam: Ohh the black crowes will be good! And the goo goo dolls! Good, its not crazy to cook for the dog.