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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pod People Invaded My Fiance....

Firstly, I got a new look. Rachel from Weblog design studio made this template. I'm really happy with it!

Sometimes CP can still suprise me. He does sweet things for me all the time, but usually it's the little things that get to me. For instance, yesterday he called from work, to tell me he found our dream home. (he works in various homes for his job all day)

Me: "Really? Why is that?"

CP: "It has everything you want, and it goes on the market this Friday"

Me: "Everything I want? And what is that...?"

CP: "3 bedrooms one for us, one for the bunnies, and one for the computer. A nice basement, a big fenced in yard with lots of room for you to have a garden, a porch, a big living room, huge kitchen, and a dining room. It's near the woods, and the neighbors aren't real close."

Me: "It sounds perfect, too bad we aren't ready to buy a house"

CP: "I know, I'm thinking ahead, but it's too bad we have to let it slip by, I know you would love it"

There are two reasons this meant a lot to me. One being the fact that he actually thought about buying a house, without me saying anything. CP doesn't tend to be goal oriented. His motto is "you can't take it with you when you go". Mine is "whoever dies with the most money wins".

Two being, that he actually knew everything I wanted in a house. You might think this sounds silly, that your fiance should know that sort of thing. But I never told him. We never talked about it. The only time we've talked 'about buying a house' was to say that I needed enough space to do animal fostering. It showed me, that he really does listen to me. In the most important ways. In passing, I may say I'd love a big kitchen, or a big yard. Or when we are outside I've said I never want to move unless it's near the woods. I just love watching all the birds! But he was able to clump all my wishes up into one house. It melted my heart.

That's not the only reason I think aliens have landed. There is more. He took the trash down to the curb. And brought back the can the very next day. (so, he may have drug it with his car, the point is he did it) I didn't have to ask him. Normally, if I don't ask him, he 'forgets'. My cats knocked a plant over. I was sweeping the floor, and he cleaned all the dirt off the table. He made himself something to eat, and washed the dishes. When he brought all his stuff back from his temporary leave, he put it away.

He has been taking his dishes into the kitchen. Sunday night, he said "it really is just 3 steps". Meaning, the distance from the kitchen counter, to the trash can. He has been cleaning up his swamp after taking a bath. Saturday, the trash was full for a few days, that's his one assigned 'job' the friggin' trash. I didn't say anything. I took the bag out and went to carry it downstairs, and he met me and took it. "I'll take it down" he said. "Thank you for not telling me I forgot to do it".

He pulled some plastic lighting grids out to cover up a plug that broke (so the cats didn't get electricuted cus he is an awesome animal lover like moi) and when he didn't need it, he put it back. On his own. That took the cake. I gave him an odd look.

CP: "What?"

Me: "You put that lighting grid back without me asking you to"

CP: "Well, yea, I got it out didn't I? I should put it back"

Me: "Yes, but normally you'd just leave it for me to put back"

CP: "Maybe if you always gave me positive feedback when I do things, I might do them on my own more often."

I told him not to be offended, but if aliens really did take over his body, they can have it. Cus he is seriously back to making me a happy camper. Like in his pre-drug problem days! I have him back all to myself. I'm not use to being happy so I tend to cause chaos. Cus to me, that is normal. I'm a work in progress.

I'm tired. I only stayed up til 2am, so I could watch the 2 hour finale of Lost....TWICE! So much happened, I couldn't relax. I was yelling at the TV. Will Michael be rescued? Will he end up on the beach? Will he come back? Will Sayid save the day? Will Hurley go crazy after leaving his friends? Will the 'good ones' hurt Sawyer, Kate, and Jack? Did another plane crash during the electromagnetic failure? Is Desmond's girlfriend a goodie or a baddie? I can hardly wait until next season!!!!!!


supplymadam said...

I always found it amazing how women do what we have to do without someone having to remind us. Maybe it's the "mommy syndrome"

Dave said...

A clean home is very important to you. You are impressed by your fiance cleaninup up after himself. I take it he is normally a slob.

If I were you, I would take the advice I'm about to give you.

At the very least, write it down somewhere and look at it when your marriage has problems. Just so you will know that I was right.

After you get married, instead of getting cable, hire a cleaning lady.

Once a slob, always a slob. Believe me :)


Mon said...

Supplymadam: I dunno what it is...I think we just care and they dont!

David: Yes he is normally a slob! He has had his phases, where he will be clean, and be a slob, but mostly it's that he is a slob. I call him pigpen, cus he leaves filfth wherever he goes. My therapist always told me that my liking things to be neat, is my issue, and I can't expect others to feel the same. I'm just thankful for the times it does happen I suppose! But, I don't expect the aliens will keep him long.

Dave said...

Fire the therapist. You are normal for your personality type: You like things organized and don't mind routine tasks. Your fiance is normal for his personality type: organization isn't worth it because he hates routine tasks. He is probably more "creative" or something like that. Live and let live. Appreciate each others differences. Face reality. You two will never change. Hire a cleaing lady with the money you save from firing your therapist.

My two cents--based on a lifetime experience, sweetie.

I'm sorry to bug you about it. It's just one of the regrets I had about my marriage--should have had a cleaning lady.

I won't talk about it any more :)


Mon said...

I'd love a cleaning lady. But, I might just hire a cleaning man. Cus, I'd be paying for it, and it would make me happy.

Dave said...

I know you pretty good alreay mon. I like how you think. You figure if anybody is going to get anything on the side it will be you.

Hate to shatter your illusion, but I don't get too excited about a woman who knows how badly I shit up the toilet. I have to come across as a wonderfully romantic hunk of a male, know what I mean?

Maybe that's why guys change how they feel about their wives. Ha ha :)


Rachel said...

Men can really surprise you. I've been staying up late too. I've been really bad, eating lots of chocolate, taking naps, and sleeping in. I feel so lazy.