"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Healing Hands...

When I tell people I don't want kids, they look at me as if I'm crazy. Like I'm not in on the great purpose in life. I don't have that urge, or instinct like most women. I don't relate well to kids. I don't have the desire to hold babies, or play with kids.

I get animals. They are my kids.

I have always wanted to do something with animals. I can't be a vet cus that's the good and the bad. And, lot's of school. (a.k.a math & science are harrrrrd) I don't have the money to start a rescue. I don't have the space to be a foster. What I keep coming back to, is Reiki. It's very interesting, I keep reading up on it, and how you can use it to heal animals. The classes are pretty expensive, but I keep getting the idea to take them. I think something is there. It's something I can do in my spare time. Something I'd enjoy.

Then this week my sister sent me a card out of the blue that is an Edgar Cayce quote from one of his readings. "The greatest service to God is service to his creatures" I told her it's a sign!!

I believe you can communicate with animals. Anyone can. I didn't really think about it until my precious (Fizzgig) was sick years ago, and it bonded us. I spent a lot of time laying on the floor with her, petting her, talking to her. You can feel an energy transfer between you when you open yourself up to it. Ever since then, we've had a special bond. We understand each other.

I know I've done the same recently with Chelsea, the bunny. And with bunnies, you can do the silly head toss that they do, and if you're lucky, they'll do it back. When I do it to mine, she does it back, and hops up to give me bunny kisses.

I also talk to my pets with a pendulum. You have to ask permission to talk to them, and to show you a yes, and then a no. If they don't feel like talking to you, they wont. My dog pretty much hates me unless its storming, then she is my best friend. She wont come to me when I call her, she'll go to CP (or anyone else that is there). She doesn't like me. If I pick her up and make her sit with me, she'll leave. I havn't asked the right question yet, to find out why she doesn't like me. But when I ask her to talk to me, she will sit on the floor and put her head on my leg and stay there on her own, until we're done.

What is rewarding to me, is a cat sleeping on my pillow, with a paw on my face. When I move the paw, it goes right back. So, I leave it. A bunny hopping up to me, and stretching to the floor, asking me to pet her. A dog, scratching on the door when she hears my car in the garage, jumping and wagging her tail the minute I'm in the door.

I think the world needs both kinds of people. Animal people, and people people. Someone has to do both services, and it shouldn't be seen as a flaw in one's character.

Pics of my furkids Yea, I got 7! Yea, they're way cute!

Little Hill
Tai Ming

Some Edwin Lyrics:

Like a Stone in a stream, life smoothes all our edges til we barely make a ripple anymore. But those times in my life, they will live forever but we're not the same people that we were before. And I'm sorry for the smiles we missed, the times that I blew it. I've got so much to tell you I don't know where to start. Maybe I'll find a way maybe you'll help me through it. Cus friends like us should not be apart. And I'm sorry to a friend.


Anonymous said...

I totally believe what you are saying. My cat and dog are my kids. If I were to have children I would make sure that I would have time for both. I can't stand it when people tell me "see how much you care about the pets when you have a child" Well, they were there first and give ME support when I need it. If you decide on the classes.. good luck!

hot for jr. said...

I can tell you're getting ready for the concert this weekend. BRAT! I know I had the opportunity to come up and see it with you, but it's not fair Edwin is from the South, but prefers Cleveland over Virginia? The people around here just don't get him I guess. Too bad for those of us that do!! I've got part of those lyrics as a signature on my personal email. Good stuff!!

Samsara said...

"When I tell people I don't want kids, they look at me as if I'm crazy. Like I'm not in on the great purpose in life. I don't have that urge, or instinct like most women. I don't relate well to kids. I don't have the desire to hold babies, or play with kids.

I get animals. They are my kids."

You have inspired my next article. Stay tuned! :)

Mon said...

JR: Yes, I am definately preparing. I'm gonna get us a hotel and make it a fun night. So, it's your fault im spending more money, kiddddding!

samsara: I'll be by to check on it, definately!!!

Miahart said...

I can't imagine this many animals. What fun! I feel the same way...when i get home...dogs are so excited and when they sleep with you all curled up...bonding for sure. I just hope he never gets sick. I would be beside myself. Do all these animals get along? You are damn lucky if they do.

Mon said...


Yes, I'm lucky to have an animal utopia going on. The dog scares the bunnies, when they come out to play, but she is 10 so she mostly leaves them alone, and sleeps. The cats love the bunnies like a cat, and they bathe each other. 3 of my cats are family. Fizzgig is the mom of Fozzie and Pickachu. Since I raised the babies from birth, their very friendly! Tai is a loner. They dont fight, but she mostly avoids the other cats.