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Friday, May 26, 2006

Sibling Rivalry...

Well we survived the freaking storms that came through. It was the most awesome display of lightning I had ever seen! At job #2 an alarm kept going off inside the building, a storm alarm. The supervisors weren't sure if we should stop working, and take cover. Tornado warnings all over. On the way home the entire sky kept lighting up. I come home a rural route, and I kept thinking how beautiful it is, I can't wait to get the camera out and record it. Then about 5 minutes from home the rain and wind started, and I could barely drive, and the lightning turned blinding it was so bright you couldn't see! There were several trees down, and you'd have swore it was raining frogs! They were all over the streets! I did avoid hitting them, so far as I know.

I got home and CP is clueless, I said "don't you hear the tornado sirens?" I'm running around like a banshee, collecting cats, to the laundry room. The dog is my shadow, the only time she loves me, in a storm. He's steadily sitting on the computer.Then Tayray called me, "the tornado sirens are going off I'm in the laundry room". It was really a crazy night for weather. Tornados scurr me. I survived a 'wind burst' which might as well be a tornado about 12 years ago. That'll stick with me forever!

Ok, I'm officially sucked into The Lost Experience is anyone else doing this? Only true Losties are. It's like real life. The "employees" of the foundation that are responsible for the island the Losties are on, are now doing interviews, as their characters. This is nuts OK? If you wanna be a cheater like me, let other people figure out the hard stuff, and read it online.

Most of us know what it's like to have a brother or sister. Or in my case, both! I always have to have what my sister has, I always have. Pets aren't any different. Little Hill ('billy') the dog, and Fozzie the cat, are following in my footsteps. The dog has a 'chair' that she spends 99.9% of her life laying on. She has her own blankie and pillow on the chair. Latley, Fozzie has taken an interest in 'the dog's chair'.

It started with laying all stretched out when the dog wasn't around. In those rare instances, when the dog decided, she'd rather beg for food, or actually go outside to pee, or, sleep on our bed. Now, Fozzie is a lover. She loves to cuddle with all the pets. So, she started to jump up and lay on the dog, who will growl at her until she left. If the dog sees the cat in the chair, she will run around the living room (and by run I mean waddle) couch to chair, desperatly looking for an alternate spot. She settles on laying next to the cat, in 'her chair' and growling at her until she leaves.

Then, it turned into a king of the mountain sort of deal. They lay side by side pushing each other. The dog uses her back feet and growls. The cat uses her front feet to smack the dog's face. As if to say "bitch, please, you don' t scare me with that shit". This goes on until the cat finally jumps down.

See why pets are better than kids? I can sit back in good conscience and watch them fight with each other. I don't have to hear the screaming "MOM! She took my chair!" "MOM! She hit me!" "MOM!" Make her stop looking at me!" "MOM! She won't move!" And, no one will call child services on me for watching my pets kick each other, while I laugh. Bonus!

Have a fun weekend. Don't drink and drive! Just drink til you pass out, then you're safe!


The Whining Stranger said...

I read it. Fun. :)

supplymadam said...

Wow some scary storms you have to deal with. Do you ever get used to it? I have a friend that moved to Missouri from New York and she said the frit storm they experienced there she almost packed it in to come back. Now they just hide in the basement.
The animals crack me up. I just love that they don't talk. Makes them that much cuter.
Happy Memorial Day! We will be doing the usual tribute at the miltary cemetary where my Dad is buried. I know he appreciates that.

Rachel said...

I miss the spring storms we had in St. Louis. Your description of the storms and the excitement of the sirens going off brought me back.

I know what you mean about animal sibling rivalry. When Babs sees Taz snuggling with Oscar, she divebombs Taz. She hates Oscar, so Taz has to hate Oscar. And they tease each other with their toys.

Animals are way better than kids. Afterall, kids don't have soft fur. And you can't leave kids at home by themselves all day while you go to work.