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Friday, May 05, 2006

Wonder-Fans Powers..UNITE!...

I TURNED IN MY NOTICE AT JOB #2!!!!!!!! It's 100% official! My last day is May 31. Scared. Excited. My supervisor did not want me to quit. I don't want to either. If I got any time off there whatsoever, I'd work there forever. Or, at least another year. But not having time off once in a while without getting penalized, is bullshit.

I havn't slept for days. I've slept. But I am exhausted, and can't fall asleep. It's so frustrating! If I had kids, I'd have killed them. I can't not sleep. I even shut my CATS out of the room. That's big business! It's that bad! I have even tried the, vibrator. While it was relaxing, it still didn't put me to sleep. It made me more exhausted. (and mellow!)

Be jealous, and wish me luck! I'm off to see my honey bunny tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorroooowwww. Can ya tell I'm excited? huh? huh?

I will never get over the power of the internet! The people that you meet, or things you get to see or learn, because we are all so easily connected!!

I belong to an Edwin fan group (I know it's shocking!) and the people going to the Cleveland show are going to meet up before the concert for dinner! From all over! How fun is that? Pretty damn fun!

I also got a hotel room for me and CP as a suprise. He just thinks we're hanging with Edwin fans all day. I love suprises! I'm packing his stuff in secret, and not telling him until we're at the hotel. It's been so long since I have booked a hotel. $60 use to be the middle rate. Now, it's the dirt cheap sleazy no-tel mo-tel rate! My how times have changed. How do people afford vacations? If I didn't have family somewhere, I'd never get to go!!

In hopes that we again get to meet the great Edwin McCain. I'll recap our first meeting. It was a free concert 2 years ago in Akron, for a local DJ's birthday. There were a lot of different bands there, at a hotel parking lot. Canned beer. Lots of canned beer. Me and Bubba pushed our way to the front to see my baby, and the entire time got shit from some stupid bitches behind us, that were jealous that they didn't have the balls to push THEIR way in front! I had to pee from the canned beer. I'd like to point out here, to my friend Katie, that I did not piss myself, as I did with Travis Tritt.

Suprisingly my bladder control is better in my old age. Anyhoo, I stood in this massivly long line for the port-o-lets. Bethie was across the street with some friends at a festival, calling on the horn, wanting to meet up with us. I told her that we'd be a while, cus I was going to meet Edwin. She asked if he was there, and I said no, but I was optomistic. When I got done peeing, the fact that I sported my Edwin T-shirt finally paid off! Some guy told me to go behind the stage, Edwin was back there.

EDWIN IS BACK THERE? We ran back in a tissy. There he was. In his infinite cuteness. Chatting to people, like some regular Joe. Luckily Bubba had her camera phone and snapped some pictures. My heart was racing. The canned beer wore off. In came the nerves. That's Edwin. The people who were talking to him (Edwin fans are the motha fucking boooomb!) turned around and said go ahead, and motioned to Edwin. I thought I would faint. My life flashed before my eyes. Edwin.

Me: "I love yer music"
Edwin: "thank you"
Me: "can you sign my t-shirt?"
Edwin: "sure"

It all felt so 'Christmas Story'. (I like the wizard of oz) Then Bubba said she'd take our picture. After Edwin touched me. Yes, he did. The whole time I'm a freaking idiot not able to speak. He put his arm around me. I thought I'd literally die. Die. Yes, I said die! I let someone else have a chance with him. I ran away literally like an idiot on my cell phone. I called my sister. I met Edwin! I met Edwin! I couldn't believe it. Meanwhile, I left Bubba alone with no picture. What did I care? I met my lovemuffin!!!

I did eventually go back, flustered and nervous I was unable to work her camera phone, so a stranger had to do it. I stood and stared at him. Uhh. Edwin.

When he left, I had one more shot to make myself memorable.

I shook his hand.

Me: "See ya July 15 at the HOB in Cleveland"

You know, like we're old friends. Cus, we met and everything. I lived off that high for 2 weeks straight! You couldn't get me to wipe the smile off my face!!!! The shirt he had on in our picture was the shirt he wore to his HOB concert in Myrtle Beach that was filmed for his DVD Tinsel and Tapshoes. So, my germs were somewhere in the fiber of that very shirt.

Final Edwin Lyrics for the week: (I know it saddens you)

They said I couldn't love you and that it would never last
He's just a crazy boy look at his past
And they said I couldn't love you
But that was just a lie I couldn't love you more if I tried.
I don't own any armor
and I might not be that brave
You might be the one I rescue
But I'll be the one you save


Charlie Mc said...

have a wonderful weekend!!!! :)

Tayray said...

Have a great time tomorrow.

Celina said...

So excited for you! I saw Edwin once (does that make me special?). It was at the crappy run-down bar in my small, college town. The tickets were only $12 & I had invited my boyfriend, but he couldn't make it up to see me, so I just took a random guy-friend. The music was awesome & almost made me forget that I was sitting in a way-crowded, smoke-filled, nasty-ass bar (I was underage & didn't drink then, nor do I smoke).
But, the music WAS Awesome!
As far as hotels, I don't "do em" very often (I prefer camping). You're right, they're very expensive, but if you look in the right place & ask the right questions, sometimes you can get a good deal.
Hope you have a wonderful time, and I can't wait to see pics!

supplymadam said...

Sounds like you are more than ready for Edwin. Think he'll remember you? Have a great time!

Mon said...

Celina: That makes you one of the "In" crowd!! Not many people can say they have seen him!!

Supplymadam: seeing how Edwin is going to divorce his wife and marry me, he will remember me. He doesn't want me to stalk him............