"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm so happy to be back to work. The first human contact I had, was with an irate customer. Mind you I work in marketing. I'm not trained in customer satisfaction. Customer service transferred the call to me. Assholes. What else sucks about today? Oh yes, my boobs hurt, I'm bloated, bitchy, and it's 100 degrees outside at 8am, plus I'm sore, and tired from sleeping on the air mattress. I'm in an all around foul mood, which is the only word that can properly describe how shitty I feel today! I can't even stand to be in my own skin. Watch out world. I've got PMS, and it's been penned up for 4 months!

It was so hot yesterday, we pumped the air mattress up in the living room so we could watch TV and lay down, w/o having to touch each other. I need to put the A/C in but, it was too freaking hot to even do that!! It's only May! We had a good cross breeze going of hot, humid air. Hecks yea. We slept all night out there. Nothing like sweating your ass off, doing nothing! I waited til 10pm to clean the bunny cage, when it was still freaking hot. Then, I took my second shower of the day. This time, I wore my shower cap.

The party Sunday was alright, there was a bad omen over the weekend, I just knew it. From trying to cook the food the night before til 3 am. Half my potatos didn't cook. Spilling torch fuel all over the kitchen floor. My flat stove top cracked. The fridge shelf kept breaking. Giant Eagle was out of CELERY! My canopy fell apart. I didn't have any $ cus I spent it all on my bunny. I cracked my head on the freezer door. (I got a big lump from that!) It just seemed like everything kept going wrong. I like things to be just "so". I can't stand it when they are not! Cus, if I'm not controlling the world, it might spin off its axis. Or worse.

Canoeing was a lot of fun. There was a sign up. Only seasoned canoers, and no kids. I was scared at first but we kicked ass. The canal wasn't bad at all, it wasnt even moving that fast.
Tayray and Todd biffed it, but that's all they kept talking about wanting to happen, and how they were going to tip everyone else... they just got what they wanted. Being wet with dirty canal water didn't seem fun! Then Tayray soaked me twice, cus I wasn't as wet as her. So everyone got to see my damned underwear. They loved it. The canal is nasty OK? Some people lost their cooler and contents, and Kat and Dave captured a floating Budweiser from the canal. We shared it. The best beer, is beer you work for.

We stayed up until 5:30 am. I havn't stayed up that long since I was a youngin. We had to go inside cus we ran out of wood, we didn't have wood to begin with it was from the woods. If you want something done right.....you know the rest! Then, I've got 25 mosquito bites just on my left foot. I can't begin to count my legs. If anyone has west nile, it's me, and I'll let everyone know how that goes for me. If I weren't so fucking sweet, the bugs wouldn't feast on me.

Yesterday we went to CP's family's house. Where no one really had anything ready for company. We told them everything we bought, that they told us to bring. And when we got there, someone had already bought everything. Hamburger, hot dogs, buns, shit that didn't need to be duplicated! The company (thats us) had to cook the food, and drip buckets of sweat, while everyone was inside in the A/C. They didn't even have beverages!! I left and got us each an individual drink. Damned if I was buying for the whole freaking family! Totally unorganized! When did holidays stop being fun? Ah, another similarity to my mom. She was always such a bitch on holidays. Now I know why.

This morning, Chelsea has a matted eye. The same side as her infected ear. Her culture won't even be going out until today for her tests, so she is on the same eye drops again from last time she went to the vet. I feel for her. The only thing worse than being hot is having a fur coat, a sore ear, and a gooey eye.

Ok, what's good about today, is I'm having watermelon for breakfast. Yum. I have the air in my office at 69, an excellent temperature. I'm alive. And, I have only 2 days left to work 2 jobs. That makes me smile. But only for a second.


Tayray said...

It was freaking hot this weekend. Just sitting, made you sweat. I broke down and turned the A/C on yesterday for about an hour. I meant to grab the trash bags yesterday from Sunday, but forgot. I'll get them today.

Mon said...

Everything is out there it was too miserably hot to move. And, we were away being slaves for another family! jerks!

Charlie Mc said...


Anonymous said...

I had mad fun. We need to do that again soon. Don't worry about everything. Just order some pizza (or have Derek bring them) and have everyone BYOB. We get drunk anyway so no one notices.


Rachel said...

hope you feel better! time for ben & jerry's! the canoeing sounded like fun, even if you did get dunked. I can't believe there were no drinks for the guests! Ridiculous! Taz has a teary eye that needs to be looked at. I think it's a blocked tear duct. He's almost 7 (June). It doesn't seem to bother him though. I was going to wait until his physical.

Mon said...

Charlie: good to be here
Kat: yea im not going to do all that freaking work! I was up til 3:30 am, and the stupidest part was I mopped my floor 3 times and it got muddy anyways!
Rachel: Yea, I had some creamsicles. They made me happy! Ahh, poor bunny, I bet it'll be ok til his check up.