"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mars and Venus Again...

I like to think that I have a level head on my shoulders. But sometimes I too, fall prey to things that say, if a man did them, I would think were stupid. I tend to call it women's logic. Most often I find myself spending more money to save some money.

I recently got a coupon for $25 off at a clothing store, if I spent $50. The stupid part comes in when I tell you that I had a really hard time coming up with enough things that I liked to get to $50. Instead of saving money altogether, I bought a pair of underwear, for $16.50. One singular pair of drawers, for $16.50. There is nothing special about them. They're boy shorts, but underwear nonetheless. I normally spend $25 for 5 pair, at Victoria's Secret. This is clearly a better deal. I think that only women, can make it seem logical to spend money, to save money.

Which leads me to ask, who hides things they buy from their men? "What, this old thing? I've had it forever!" I have done it. Beause CP blows his extra money on stupid shit, and I save mine, so I can buy, like, a $16 pair of underwear. (it really sounds stupid to me too!) I feel like I can't spend money for some reason. I work 2 jobs, and my bills are paid, yet, I am one of 'those women' who hides her purchases!

Men and women are so different, and it makes no sense why we are suppose to be together. I think gay people might have it right. But, while I think Carmen Electra, and Shakira are hot, they don't turn me on. As a women I can appreciate beauty when I see it. Who does it for me.... I'm an Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Edwin McCain kinda gal! Scruffy, rough hands, sweaty..MEN.

I do have a Point. They did a MRI study of men and women on Strictly Sex, when each were shown various images, including sexually graphic ones a.k.a porn. Men were turned on by, and stored into memory, the porn. They had a threat response, to pictures they were shown of other 'buff' men.
The women in the study were also turned on by the sexy photos, but were not threatened by the pictures of women. I think this goes to show that women are just as sexual as men. But good little girls never show it.

This led to a girl discussion as to why we are so different then men. Our brains are so similar, how are we SO different in our thinking? We don't have the answers. But why do we care, the tone a man uses when talking to us? Why he left the seat up, is he trying to tell me something? Where is he, and why didn't he call? He told me he was tired, what do you think that meant? We as women spend a lot of time trying to figure men out, when I think the secret is, there isn't much to figure out. Their pretty simple creatures. They usually say what they mean, and mean what they say.

We are introspective. We analyze things. So, we assume men do the same thing. Truth is, usually when a man says he is tired, he is just that, tired. It doesn't mean he is mad, or not 'in the mood'. He leaves the seat up, because he doesn't think it's important to put it down. (one time falling in may cure him of that!) If I say I'm tired, I expect you to ask me why I'm going to sleep without putting out.

We think we know what they want, because we spend so much time thinking about what they want. Then we get mad at them, for not being mind readers. I suppose this could all be easily cleared up, if we just spoke what was on our mind, but then where is the fun in that?


Cheryl said...

OMG $16 for a pair of underwear that's to funny. Hope you get loads of use out of them :) I too have bought stuff and hidden it from hubby think we have all done it at one point. I have to agree with you that yeah we spend way to much trying to figure out what stuff men say means. When really it didn't mean a thin, or meant exactly what they said. Heck like you said they are pretty simple they'd be in shock if they found out that what they say could have meaning...rofl Anyways have a good week.

Mon said...

Cheryl: I'm thinking those suckers are gonna last me forever! Their interesting specimens thats for sure! (men, not my drawers!)

Anonymous said...

I hide stuff from my husband all the time. He is now aware of that fact because he always asks me when/where I got things. Even things that I've had for years he thinks are new. Be careful, it can backfire and they will always be suspicious!


supplymadam said...

I stopped hiding stuff a while ago.We live together. He knows he has no dresser or closet space for his stuff. He used to say things(not really that bad) but I would say "Just be glad I'm not like such and such" I clean, I make dinner and I work. See if you can afford someone to do all that for you. I believe he got the message.

Rachel said...

Women are definitely different. I hide things I buy from Jason. He is an economist! Need I say more? Anyway, why are we different? Hormones, an X chromosome, and society to sum it up. Oh, well. I am what I am. I like to go out just for the sake of dressing up. That's what's great about being a woman!

Mon said...

Kat: suspect my ass! You come home with say, Tiffany, and thats suspicious!

Supplymadam: How true! Think of it as payment for all the hard work one does.

Rachel: Damn chromosomes! I think we have a lot of bad things in being a woman, but we have lots of good too! I wouldn't want to be a man.

Dave said...

We say anything and everything to get sex. The only reason we put up with women is for sex or to have a child. Don't ever think we are simple or honest. When you think you are controlling a situation, you are probably being manipulated. We love to let you think you are one step ahead of us. We know how badly you want to be smarter than us. We are smart enough to let you think that way :)

Give up. Surrender your womanhood to us and for us. Life will be much more pleasant for everyone :)