"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm So Sweet, I'll Melt In The Rain...

Happy Hump day!!!! 5 more days at my second job. I can't wait to start the gym. I miss being in shape. Feeling good. I've been sleeping much better, thank you. Cus I have a savings account. Money is everything to me. Mostly.

I did a totally retarded thing. I wore a shower cap in the shower. I say this is totally retarded, as my Momma has one in her shower. This means, I care too much about getting my hair wet when I am not washing it. What's next? Will I cry when I'm splashed in the pool? Vow not to go under water? Complain that my eyelashes will go straight, if they are touched by water? Another factor in the universal plan to turn me into my mother.

In my own defense, the shower cap was a freebie from the hotel when we saw Edwin. I took it home just in case. I usually only shower, with the dog. Otherwise, I prefer baths. Sometimes you are just in a rush I guess. The true test, will be this weekend. A group of us are going canoeing. Tayray thinks she is going to tip my canoe. She must not care that there are alligators in the canal. (really it's just dead bodies) That's one of the lies my parents told me growing up. I'm not 100% sure that I don't believe it either. Besides, I know where that hooch-ass lives! I know she hates clowns.

We're having a friendly get-together. I'm making potato salad, and maybe baked spagetti. Of course I have a billion things to get done, but it'll be worth it. I'm making mojitos. For me. I don't care what the rest of those fools drink. And they besta step off! I planted my own mint, which has inspired me to become an alchoholic. I got a recipe from a lady at work, you make the sugar part and leave it in the fridge. Whenever you want a drink it's ready. Rum's my fav-o-rite! Why not. It's good enough for Jack Sparrow. mmmm Johnny Depp.

I banged my head this weekend. Not in the Quiet Riot "bang your head, wake the dead" way either. I did it while gardening. Who knew it was so dangerous? That rose of sharon bush fully attacked my forehead. I have maybe 3 little scratches, but it's the underneath that freaking hurts like a mofo! Anyone watch House? Euw! Popping eyeballs and exploding nutsacks, aren't what you wanna see after eating! CP made us yummy flatbread pizzas. Cus he's da bomb!

I spent 1 1/2 hour planting my pots up in the garage. I dunno what half the stuff is or the color. We get starter plants, and no tags. They get mixed up. Usually I stick within the same color scheme, this year I was a little daring. I got red, and tangerine calibrachoa's. I made some nice combo pots and hanging baskets. I got tons of different stuff. Yesterday was our employee plant day. Free. Be jealous!

All hail the season finale of Lost is tonight!!!! Desmond is back! We find out that the magnetic force pulled the plane to the island cus Desmond forgot to push the button. That is my theory anyways. Don't get your panties in a bunch.


Tayray said...

I have no control of tipping your canoe. I dont want to go in that nasty water, but my canoe partner says we are all going in. Im 99% sure that he will tip our canoe on purpose!

Rachel said...

I was upset that at the end, it was all a dream! (House) By the way, I bump my head ALL the time.