"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jealousy Rears It's Ugly Head...

I've got a myspace. Who doesn't? I got in touch with a lot of people from high school that way. It's amazing who you find there! My CP has had one for months, and he never logs on. Never sends me comments.

For the hell of it, I got on his myspace this week, and there is some chick next to me in his friends list. I thought it was his daughter, but the name was off. I investigate her profile, she's 20. Lives 10 minutes from CP. Wtf??

So, I asked him about her. Calmly at first. Who is she? He didn't know. He said she found him through a myspace search. They chatted at yahoo last Friday night. Not liking that at all, but whatever. She aint got nothin' on me! I eventually logged in as him and sent her msgs to see if I could ignite any incriminating conversation. CP told me that I'm always looking for reasons to get mad at him. Who........ME???? I think if you are engaged to someone that you don't need to be chatting with ladies on the internet like that.

I just blocked her from contacting him, and that's that. It wouldn't be such a big deal if all her postings weren't about fuck buddies, her sex life, quizzes about how much you wanna do her etc.... Needless to say he saw the little person inside I call the jealous me. I don't let her out often, and this is why. She's dangerous! And maybe a little unstable! But, if the shoe were on the other foot hed be ticked off at me!

Looong story. So we were talking at 12:30, long after all this crap went on, and it came up again. I got mad and ended up hanging up on him, and turning the phone off. Cus, I'm a mature 30 year old adult! I'm laying in bed thinking, cus I don't sleep you know...and I just asked for a sign. I needed to know if I was making a big deal out of nothing, if CP was who I should be with. I swear on all that is holey, that right at that moment, my doorbell rang!!!!

It was CP. I was pretty happy because the timing was perfect. We had some sex, and snuggling, and everything is peas and carrots again. Things have been broccoli and cauliflower for a few weeks. Sure, they are OK together, but they just aren't as sweet, and yummy as peas and carrots! Once we got to sleep, I slept.

I SLEPT! I blame it all on CP moving away from me!
Don't get me started about Lost last night! I have it all figured out but I'll not bore everyone with it! Did any fans catch the hanso foundation/Jeep commercial? I almost missed it w/tivo but I rewound. The website they give out is www.letyourcompassguideyou.com I havn't gotten into any of the files yet. Access denied. There was also a 1800 number given out. I love the show cus it's like bleeding into real life!!!!!!!!! This site translated all the info on the phone call.
There was an ad also run in major newspapers, from a 'fake person' but real in the Lost world, talking about how that book Sawyer was reading 'The Bad Twin' shouldn't be believed.
Have I mentioned lately, that this show fucking rocks????? Kthanks!


Dave said...

I wish I could have attached a picture of the expression on my face after I read this post.

I was surprised at how honest somebody could be. Then I was disappointed that young people of the country have succumbed to such sexual promiscuity.

But through all of it my face would still have shown the obvious--I want some :)


hot for jr. said...

I hope they have a movie or mini-series to wrap up Invasion. I don't know if you watched it yet so I won't say anything, but it would be nice to know how it all comes together. UGH!

Mon said...

Dave: Yea, it's really sad how the world has changed! You wouldn't believe it. It's cool to be a skank hoe these days. When I was a kid (sign, getting older) It wasn't so cool to get around, you didn't want to 'make a name' for yourself. That was not that long ago either. I hate to think what the future holds!

JR: Sha! Canceled, that means we're screwed!!!

Samsara said...

Mon, i'm only a few years older than you and me too. It used to be shameful to be labelled skank ho but today it's like some rite of passge. i go on myspace and am just SHOCKED at what i see - please. i'm no puritan but jesus h. christ.

i had a friend in h.s. who would give bj's to guys she'd just met. i was shocked then, but admittedly, a little impressed i was associated with someone so *Radical* ...however, today it seems radical to associate with people not like that.

Dave said...

First of all, mon and samsara, you are expecting me to believe you really are women. I'm pretty sure mon is due to her wildly abherrent emotional nature.

I am a reformed hoe trying to be a nice slut. I would try to be a nice skank but I don't know what a skank is. I go out with women. I do what they tell me to do. I end up sleeping with them. Is that a skank? Am I being used?

The only people telling me not to do it are other guys who want to sound morally superior to me. I've yet to have a woman object (of course she has to be attracted to me first). So I'm all ears on the new free-flowing sexuality. I heard about the swinger clubs in Dayton. Never went. I wouldn't want to mess around with married women again. I really want to have another child some day. Maybe I'll get a twenty-one year old pregnant and she will have to marry me. Now there is a good idea.

Mon said...

Samsara: I know, what is the world coming to! It's all about self esteem I think.

Dave: a skank is a dirty hoe. LOL. A hoe is just another word for a slut, and we all know what a slut is! I'm not sure about what goes on in the minds of men, but if hook ups are what you want, get a myspace profile. Say you are single, and there for dating. Watch what happens. I'm not against sleeping with someone your dating, and I've even done the sex with an ex for a while.
What I am talking about, is blatently spreading it around, and advertising yourself to that point. I just think that if you respect yourself you don't do those things, it's my opinion.