"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fat arms, a Hard Butt and Useless Advice....

There's some local old fart, 85, who killed a litter of kittens. He drowned them, because he didn't want that many cats, they were his daughter-in-laws cats. Just because he is OLD and he thought there was nothing wrong with it, he isn't getting in any trouble. Huh? "Back in my day that was what we did" at least, I think thats what the fucker said, you can't understand him. He's knocking on deaths door. Maybe someone outta drown him, and put him out of his misery. I know some animals get destroyed at the shelter, but their humanly euthanized. I know the county I live in has a nice shelter. Summit counties' is under constant scrutiny. I wish I could save all those poor babies.

I had a 2 mile trek on my lunch break yesterday. I took a rough route with a lot of friggin hills boy my butt was feelin' it! I got to go longer/further solo. My friend went to get an oil change. Slacker. Then I walked to the library after job #2 to return books, that was 1.38 miles. Little Billy went and she was happy. She feels better. I think she probably ate something out of the trash. That's her M.O. Eating shit, and costing me a fortune at the vet. I think it's about time I start back up with weights. My fat arms are annoying the crap out of me. I feel like Randy from a Xmas story. I can't put my arms down!!!! Plus, I don't want them to jiggle when I'm old. I'm already whipping my booty back into shape! Use to be hard as a rock, it's getting there.

Guess what? In 14 days I'll be on my last day of job #2. Guess what else? My Momma and sissy are coming to stay with me that weekend for a week!!!! CP is cleaning our carpets and couches today! Yay!

I heard this on talk radio last night, parents are trying to ban running on recess at school. Kids can get hurt doing it. And tag, it promotes fighting. I feel really sorry for my friends with kids. Cus that generation is going to be a bunch of prisses, and pusses! They aren't allowed to do anything anymore. Good luck making it in the real world. Where people tell on you, lie to you, stab you in the back, run, drive cars, eat sugar, solve problems, and wear whatever the hell they want.

Shit, when I was in grade school, I remember the most fucked up thing they did to us was install this gay ass traffic light! When the damn thing was on green, we could talk. If it turned yellow, everyone sshhhhhhhh'd each other, cus if it went to red, we had to be quiet for like 5 minutes or something. On our lunch break! Remember that guys? Stupid! Is anyone else afraid that the kids are being sissified these days?????

My question is finally featured in Useless advice from useless men. Mine's titled 'Freaky In a Bed of Korn'.


Dave said...

You sound like a real person. I would like to read your blog once in a while if you would only clean up your language.

Mon said...

Hey Dave! Always nice to see new faces. I wouldn't be real though, if I cleaned up my language. I have a potty mouth, that's just me!

supplymadam said...

Glad to see you're walking alot. Helps the stress too. I got back into working out to. I love my Tamilee Webb tape "I want those Arms" Good for komona arms,lol!

Dave said...

Alright...I'll try to read your daily adventures once in a while and just grit my teeth through the profanity. You are kind of cute :)

I do have lots of useless advice. And I am pretty smart, relatively.

Miahart said...

Um...my arms are flabbier than they have ever been in my life. I am suddenly seeing the workout slacking that my life has become. Problem is...i can't make myself lift weights alone...if i am with someone else i will. ON another note...the dumbest thing they did to us in school was have blue and red dot day. i went to a private school with a uniform. everyone had to dress the same. so they suddenly felt it a uniformed problem to let kids wear their coats when it was cold outside. if it was below 32 degrees it was a blue dot day and we could wear them but if it was red...forget it...leave it in your car. total outrage by parents! i mean come on...it is freezing outside at 35, 36 and up to 45 or 50!

Rachel said...

I can't believe that guy. I can't believe he got away with it. That's sick. He should be drowned and see how he likes it.

I can't believe they don't want kids to play tag. Since when was going outside and playing bad for you? I thought that was how kids were supposed to get their exercise.

Way to go on your 2 mile trek, by the way!

Mon said...

Dave: I'm harmless, really! And thanks....

Supplymadam: I got these circles years ago I dug them out, their pilates things. If you do it wrong, the circle flies off your arm and into one of the cats. I'm trying those again..

Mia: that is ridiculous, not wearing coats? Who the hell can tell you when you are or aren't cold??

Rachel: I know the guy should be drowned! Years ago it was acceptable to kill people in concentration camps too, that doesnt mean someone should do it today!!

Useless Man said...

Dave: You make think you're useless, but with all due respect, we're much more useless than you are.

Thanks so much for sending in a question. We're useless without them. It was tremendous fun writing it up as well. Sorry that it was useless, but that's what we advertise.

All the best.